beach naked

If you love naked vacations then this list might be the thing for you.
I have tried to pick out 5 interesting and alternative naturist vacation options.

Golf – La Jenny, France
Would you like the naked lifestyle and love playing golf? Then head for La Jenny in France, at La Jenny it is possible to play golf and be nude at the same time. La Jenney is a naturist area in southwest France with a golf course.

Village – Costa Natura, Spain
The first naturist settlement in Spain is called Costa Natura. Here you will find a tropical gardens, volleyball court, heated swimming pool, and nudist beach.

Sauna – Kotiharju, Helsinki, Finland
Finns are good at being social naked and has an average one sauna per. household. Kotiharju Sauna is the only sauna in Helsinki which is still powered by a wood stove. Social naked together in the sauna is very common in Finland.

Sailing – Croatia
With 1,185 islands off the Croatian coast and a very libera attitude to nudity, there are plenty of of possibilities to sail and go naked in Croatia.

Skiing – Obertraun, Austria
You like skiing and love being nude? There is a solution for that, it happens in Obertraun in Austria, offering the world’s first naturist cross-country route in a closed valley 1,700 meters above sea level.


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  1. George

    Hello, are you aware of Vritomartis naturist resort in Crete? It’s a special location with a private nudist beach for our guests. You can check our website for more information about our naturist excursions we run. Cheers, George