What is Vritomartis

Vritomartis takes its name from an ancient Minoan Goddess who was much-revered and worshipped in the area of Crete where Vritomartis is situated.
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What makes your place different

  • Our unique location, the white mountains from the back which the highest point is 2000m and the sea on the front. A unique spot and landscape. I am sure you will agree with me once you drive to Vritomartis passing the mountains and starting going down to Sfakia…
  • Another advantage is that offers both naturist pool and private naturist beach. Of course don’t forget great weather, the sun and mediterranean sea plus Mediterranean food…
  • Whether somebody wants to stay for a few days or few weeks, want complete peace and quiet or some gentle activities, we are very proud to say that our resort is a very good option. In general is a value for money choice. We are a 3-star hotel but our guest can enjoy many of the 4-star hotel’s comforts.
    When to visit Crete?
  • Crete can be visited all around the year but the season that is great is from April until November. Of course July – August is the high season with lots of tourists. You will stay in Sfakia and you won’t really see that. Sfakia is a remote area for those who’re looking quieter and less touristic places. Like this are all the south coasts

How do you see the future of naturism and nakations?

I think naturism that is having rest in its natural state has a great future. Modern civilised people are too overstretched by a crazy pace of life in big cities. They can not and do not know how to relax. But the nature of human requires that. That’s why so many people wait and expect their next holiday. One of the bounds and constraints is clothing. Discard clothing – and you will feel relieved. All that’s stopping you are only complexes, educations, manners. More and more people understand that and take pleasure in staying naked. To be civilised – it does not mean to be in prison of your clothes.

What is your expectations for Vritomartis future?

Our aim is to offer our guests their “Dream Holiday”. We treat every single traveller as a unique person and we’re trying to offer the best possible service. We’ve been hosting travellers from all around the world for over 20 years now and we want to keep on doing this for the next years with the same passion and loyalty. We strongly believe that the best way to communicate with our customers is in person so we do this while they’re staying at Vritomartis.

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