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What is the background of Naturist BnB?

We have been naturist for years and spend without clothes most of the time if weather and community around us permits. We have also travelled around a lot and have many great experiences around the world. During the travels we stayed in various accommodations from luxury resorts to cabins and backbackers hostels. Then we came across Airbnb. We loved the concept and eventually decided to try hosting ourselves. It was million times better what we expected! We have gain a lot of wonderful friends and fun experiences – without leaving our home!

What is a bit tricky with Airbnb however is we have to stay clothed while we have guests in our house. Which we don’t like. We did try to list at “clothing optional” or “nudist” at Airbnb, but our bookings fall down dramatically. Apparently textile people are not interested booking with a nudist host.

Then we started to remembering our naturist holiday bookings. It was always a bit challenge to find the place to go and eventually ended in the most obvious places – where everybody else goes as well. Not the freedom to go anywhere as we had when travelling textile. Then we realised it! There is no Airbnb alternative for naturist people. If there would, it would be fantastic opportunity to travel anywhere and enjoy social nudism with a local host. Best parts of both: textile and nudist world!

Therefore we started NaturistBnB.com.

How did you manage to get it up and running?

We started to put together a web site to allow listing a place and booking online.
I have been in software business for over 20 years so basically had the the required technical knowledge what needs to get done. Anyhow there are still a lot of things to learn about the travel industry dynamics. The website has been up and functional for a month now. We are not 100% happy for it, but it does the job. Once we get enough revenue running, we can hire more people to start developing a new generation of the site.

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What kind of people do you target at?

For us, hosting is not only about making money. We feel we are more rewarded by the opportunity to meet new wonderful people and practice social nudism. On the other hand; the extra money we earn by hosting, makes it possible for us to live in large high end condo unit with spectacular views. An apartment we could not afford otherwise.

So initially the site was designed to people like us: to rent out a spare room or two to get social and make some extra.

However, we know some hosts want to make it their main source of income. That is a user group we want to cater and try to drive enough traffic so their won’t need to advertise elsewhere. We are not there as yet, but aiming to it.

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How does this works in practice?

User need to register on the site first. All the users can be either or both: guest and host.

If they want to host, they will need to describe the place they are planning to host. Place can be anything: house, private room, shared room, airbed on floor (which was original concept of Airbnb), tent, camper, boat… basically anything where a person can stay over night. Only “must” requirement is that the guest is allowed to stay naked if he or she wants. The whole compound doesn’t need to be nudist or clothing optional. It is enough that the guest is allowed to stay sans clothes inside. That just need to clearly explained in the listing so it is up too guest to decide if this is what they want.

Host can decide the price and dates when they are willing to host. It can be just one weekend of the year or all year round. Good idea for textile host is to put their place to us when there is a nudist event happening in their city. They have an opportunity to meet interesting people and may try practicing nudism themselves.

Price can be anything. Naturally lower prices have higher chances to get booked. Then are the images. To attract more guests, host need to shoot nice, but true images of the place. And have enough of them. Once all details are saved and some pictures of the place are uploaded on the site, it will be online once admin has approved it.

When guests find a place to stay, they select available dates from the calendar and send a booking request. It is just couple of clicks operation. Host will receive an email notification of booking request which can be approved or rejected – or host can ask more details from the guest. All communication should be done on the site messaging platform, se we can help if any issues with the booking arise.

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How safe is it?

Just like Airbnb: it is people to people. Or peer to peer. Normal precautions should be kept in mind. Host and guest can require the other party to have their proof of identity on the site. Users should then upload copy of their passport to the site and we will verify this with their profile picture and possible credit card details. If all match, we can verify their identity.

For additional protection, we accept only credit cards and PayPal for payments. These companies do deeper analysis in identity verification. PayPal also provides a buyer and seller protection program if there are any issues.

Anyhow, it is very rare that there any problems with a host or guest. Usually they are wonderful people with big heart and open mind. Otherwise they would use other means to travel – or decide not to travel.

Visit naturistbnb.com to check out the naturist accommodation possibilities.


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    This sounds GREAT, would like more info, thank you! ! !

    1. Petri

      Just click on the link at the article to find out more.

    2. David Baum

      We have used Airbandb, but would very much enjoy the nude b and b as we are and have been part of the nudist world for many years. Please let me know about places in the USA.

  2. Doron barkan

    Very good idea.wating for more details.

  3. Doron barkan

    Thanks for the project.wait to join it.

  4. William Perry

    Yes we would like to hear more. What American towns or citys.

    1. spotnaked Listing Owner

      You can also be added on Spotnaked.com we have a similar search engine. Our search engine doesn’t contain booking facilities but request facilities.

  5. Woody Halloran

    Is this site still up and running? Connie & I would like to list our very unique treehouse lass than 15 minutes from downtown Nashville. It is very secluded and in the warmer seasons the pool will be available.
    Woody & Connie

  6. Steven Wash

    Hello, all, I’m just looking for places to visit were I can enjoy the freedom from clothing. I live in Colorado and travel for work throughout the state, and also travel in Wyoming and New Mexico. Any suggestions?