In summer 2014 my wife and I visited Le Colombier Naturist camping with our 5-year-old son. We didn’t know much about Le Colombier Naturist camping and we didn’t know much about the area. We had a splendid time there and can recommend that other naturists visit the place, it is absolutely worth it. Here are my top 5 reasons why Le Colombier Naturist camping is worth a visit.

Reason 1 – Surroundings

Le Colombier is placed in the Vendees on the Atlantic coast in France. The Vendee is known for a mild climate, sandy beaches and lots of historical buildings.
The South Vendée has rolling hills, composed of rustic sites, forests, large properties and old farms, forming a framework conducive to walking and cycling.
The Vendée is also known for the legend of Mélusine – I won’t describe legend here, but just refer to Wikipedias description.

Reason 2 – Well established

When you first arrive at Le Colombier you get a relaxed feeling, not just because of the surroundings but also because of how things seem to run. You get a feeling that this place is well managed and well established. There are the things that you need, and things seem to work really well if you have some kind of problems, they will come and help you solve the problems.
At the counter, you have a friendly staff who can help you with nearly anything. There is a small store, a bar, restaurant, pool, playground, training ground etc. They even had a circus when we arrived. I think they have established a really solid ground with positive energy.

Reason 3 – Much space

When we arrived at Le Colombier it was a bit late and the reception was kind of closed (We got there and we met a person from the reception even though it closed nearly an hour earlier). She told us that we just could go pick a camping spot for our self and return the day after to tell where we stayed.
We walked around the field to check out which space to pick and was surprised of how big the camping pitches was. We found a great pitch with lots of space – there was a field to one site and a field in front of us with not pitches. We could have chosen any other pitches because they all had plenty of space on each pitch. This was really nice because sometimes you go to a Camping site and all you get is a very small space where you hardly can put your tent. Here there was plenty of space for our car, tent and other stuff without trespassing other pitches.

Reason 4 – Less touristed

The area where Le Colombier naturist camping is located is not touristy, you hardly see any tourists which I personally find attractive. I don’t like when a part of a country or city is too touristy – this always ends up with a lot of souvenirs store with a lot of crap, and a lot of other places which removes the soul of the area. Le Colombier is located in an area where you hardly see any tourist, but still, there are lots of things to see and do.

Reason 5 – Pizza event

Every Tuesday they have a Pizza event, which is really great for the children and others who want to participate. At 10:30 am children and adults drive to the forest in the farm cart to gather dead wood. At noon they return with the gathered wood, which then is carried to the old bread own. In the meanwhile the firemen have already started the own, it takes quite some time to reach the right temperature to bake bread and pizza. At 4 p.m. the children return to bake bread – they need to form their own bread. At 6 p.m. it is pizza time for everyone who has booked a pizza time. Now it is time to create one’s own pizza.
The children loves it and it is actually quite an event 🙂

I hope you get inspired to visit Le Colombier Naturist Camping which is located in France, Saint Hermione.

For more information check out their webpage.


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