MassageI actually thought a lot about, if I should post this as an activity – the reason was that I didn’t want to make the wrong assumptions. This is NOT for promoting sexual massage, but to promote massage as a whole. Naked massage, is a very wonderful experience. You feel the tense body relax while the body is massaged. I find massage stress relieving and a really nice way to relax.

Massage can be in many different variations, here is a few:

  • Créatif // Preferable without clothe
  • Californian massage // Preferable without clothes
  • Other full body massages // Preferable without clothes
  • Swedish massage and other zone massages // Preferable without clothes
  • Shiatsu  // Can be done clothed
  • Thai massage – the non sexual version. // Can be done clothed
  • Tantric massage, which is an old Asian sensual massage. 

On same subject

massage naturiste from steven on Vimeo.

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