Nude sailing holidays are an increasingly popular way of spending a holiday. There are probably many reasons. Here is a few:

  • It is just you and the ocean, why not naked?
  • Less laundry
  • It is romantic
  • You get an all over tan

Naked boating isn’t rare. If you ask around you’ll find that a fair number of the boating world is made up of stripping sailors, unclad kayakers, disrobing divers, and others who enjoy naked watersports. Of course climate is a big factor too – you won’t run around naked if the temperature is below 0 celcius / 50 fahrenheit 🙂

Sailing is a great way to be yourself, enjoy intimacy and to experience in your own pace.

Naturist Sailing in Mexico

Below you will see some inspirational videos

Naturist Sailing with Vigla Natura around the Ionian Islands in Greece.

Naturist Sailing by viglamark

Naturist sailing

Breezes without Breeches from Charlie Blackfield on Vimeo.

Nacra Sailing

Nacra Sailing by Nacra-Sailing

Copyright photo: Pexels / pixabay

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