How do you handle your first time on a nude beach? Here is som advice.

  • Do not gawk!
  • For hygiene reasons, always use towel or similar on public chairs, benches and seats.
  • Ask for permission if you want to take photos.
  • Remember sun lotion everywhere – being naked makes your body more exposed to sun.
  • Men only: If you get a “woody” – yes it can happen – then grab a towel or turn over or jump into the water to cool off.
  • Don’t worry about imperfection – imperfection is the norm among naturists. We are all different!
  • If you notice some furtive and some strange moving around in the dunes, on rocks or in the bush, then it’s is time to stand up and clap. That is the way they handle voyeurs in Spain, and I think it is a good way to handle voyeurs. 🙂

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  1. henk

    why are you using (mostly) perfect looking women as (often) slighty erotic pictures for your articles?

    the girl coming with the article is quite perfect and wants to be gawked at….

    doesn’t match with your bullet list

    1. Emz

      <— female nudist
      No nudist female wants to be 'gawked' at.
      Only female exhibitionists want voyeurs to gawk at them.

      BTW. I don't see anything sexual about this image. It's a lovely naturist photo of a female enjoying the sun, wind and beautiful scenery.

  2. Peter Terp Listing Owner

    well there is actually a simpel reason for it. It is hard to find pictures of nude men – and pictures of woman which is not slidely erotic. I prefer legal pictures which is not stolen from another homepage (which also is illegal) thereforr I have to find royalty free images or buy images. In this case it is an image I have paid for – i could probably find better pictures – but then I would have to pay a lot more.

    If anybody has private images that I can use for free I would be happy to use them – men or wonen

    I hope this answers your question

  3. Nitu Nicolae

    If you want you can use my nude pictures. But are just a man on the beach. How to do to sent ?