The Oriental Village Resort in Chang Mai, Thailand is a clothing optional resort located at the foot of mountains and between rice fields. This creates the perfect spot for a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for both adventure, relaxation a and comfort.

The resort is located in a small village just outside Chang Mai, this makes it perfect for getting both authenticity, possibilities for activities and city trips to Chang Mai. There are several nearby activities, provided by the resort: golf courses (there are actually 3 of them), Tiger camp, Bike riding, Elephant camp or the Sankampaeng hot springs.

At the resort there are swimmingpool and well equipped cottages. There are also a restaurant with a mountain view, which serves both Thai and Western specialities.

Oriental Village in Chang Mai


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  1. Ella

    Its a fantastic resort, we had great time there!

  2. Alan

    Looking at the video, Oriental Village doesn’t seem to be much of a nudist/CO resort.

    1. Peter Terp Listing Owner


      It might be because they don’t want to put some in a bad situation with nudity. The video doesn’t show nudity but if you visit their homepage you will see that they indeed is a clothing optional resort.