We had a dream – to create a place, under the sun and the palm trees, on an island, where life could be enjoyed mostly au naturel, free of clothing – and we almost fulfilled it. Instead of an island, we found a spot on a hillside in Nosara, Costa Rica, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Now, 16 years later, the dream has changed. “Retirement” sounds great, traveling to other parts of the world is inviting, and being closer to kids and, hopefully soon, some grandbabies sounds even better.

“Casa Banda” is for sale. Because it was envisioned as a special place for nudists (and is the only place of its kind in Costa Rica), we, of course, would love to see it continue as such, but we have also had a lot of happy guests who were not naturists. We have catered to the vacation rental market, but there is an unmet demand in Nosara for “long term” rentals up to a year or so.

The complex consists of 6 apartments, fully equipped with everything for full time living and sleeping a total of 14 – 16 people, huge pool and rancho (pool house) with bathroom, outdoor shower, and BBQ area, and utility/laundry room. It is completely enclosed by mature landscaping, walls and fences and very secure and private. The lot is about 1⁄2 acre (1685 m2). Total inside and outside covered living areas total 6200 ft2/ 579 m2. The rancho is 378 ft/235 m2 and the pool covers 1134 ft2/105 m2 and is between 3 and 8 ft deep. Our location almost at the end of a road gives us very little traffic and you are more likely to hear monkeys than vehicles. Private parking is off the street.

To learn more about this unique location, this article captures the essence of our slice between the Jungle and the Sea. http://www.ticotimes.net/travel/2017/02/nosara-is-a-costa-rican-town-from-another-planet The international airport in Liberia is just 2 1⁄2 hours away.

A few inside photos. For more, please ask or see our websites (they have no pics of our private apartment, though.)

our private home, with A/C, currently 1 bedroom, 2 offices, full kitchen, living room and 2 bathrooms, sleeps 2 – or 4, if one office is returned to being a bedroom.

the other penthouse with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, sitting and dining space. Sleeps 4.

“Buena Vista”
the largest studio, with full kitchen and bathroom, sleeps 2.

a medium studio, with A/C, full kitchen, and bathroom, sleeps 2.

the smallest studio, with kitchenette and full bathroom, sleeps 2.

“Pura Vida Studio”
a medium studio, with A/C, full kitchen, and bathroom, sleeps 2.

Patio area of “Pura Vida Studio”

View from “Banda” balcony.

If you or somebody you know should happen to be dreaming too…….about owning a piece of tropical Paradise, let’s talk. The property can be sold to one owner, two partners/owners or a group of owners to be used as rentals, for personal use, or a combination. There are several very good property management companies in Nosara, and it is very doable to use a manager/rental agent even if you are not able to be in Nosara full-time. We can offer some owner financing. We can do a “For sale by owner” process, saving both buyer and seller some cash (we have done this before in Costa Rica and with a good lawyer, it is no different than anywhere else), or we can use a realtor at a reduced rate if we bring a buyer. If you connect us with a buyer (and new owner), we will reward this with a “finder’s fee”. NB: If nudity is involved, no kids younger than 18 years old can be present. (Costa Rica law.)

List price: US $ 990,000. Includes everything but our personal things.


Clothes free and Naturally,
Bibi and Arne


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  1. Jan & Gary Christie

    Dear Bibi and Arne:

    Sad to see that you are deciding to call it a day for your beloved Casa Banda. We understand how nice it is to enjoy retirement, though and we’re sure you will take advantage of this time for yourselves.
    Best wishes for a successful sale and transfer to another naturist owner hopefully.
    And best wishes in your retirement.


    Jan & Gary?☀️

  2. Bibi and Arne

    Dear Jan and Gary,

    Thank you so much for the well wishes. We are still hoping that Casa Banda will get into the hands of somebody who will continue making it available for the naturists.

    Have a wonderful summer!

  3. Laird Markland

    My wife and I are looking to relocate to Costa Rica for two years. Are you still renting part of your property or has it sold? We are looking for a 2 bedroom rental unit.
    Your clothing optional area is very desirable to both of us.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Laird Markland

    My wife and I are about to move to Costa Rica, where plan to stay for two years, then return to the USA.. IS your property available to rent now. We are looking for a two bedroom house to live in and be a bale to share with our kids and their kids.