The new generation of nudists/naturists could dream of being a part of a naturist organisation. But they do embrase public nudity more than ever, especially in England and France.

I think the Internet and Social Medias is a part of the reason, before we had to organise in clubs, organizations and similar to make a statement. Today it’s easier than ever to make a movement using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and other social medias.

In many ways, the goal is the same as the classic naturist – naked freedom. But in other ways there is a slightly difference. The classic naturist is often a part of a naturist club/orginasation. This may make some people a little “affraid” of nakedness, they don’t consider them self nudists or naturists. They just love being naked when they feel like being naked. That is an important difference, because this new movement might take naked freedom a step further to a broader audience than the classic naturist organizations. Many people enjoy being naked at home, and on more private places, other like to be naked in more social matters. Both paths is total accepted, the goal is a common acceptance of nakedness.

I think freedom is an essential part of naturism, nudism and just love being naked. In many ways I think that the “new naked”, wants to make naked freedom a new movement, which is generally accepted in societies. In many ways I think that has always been the goal.

In my opinion it’s always good to get new movements, and I actually consider myself as both the classic naturist and a part of  “the new naked”. I am not a in any organizations – but love being nude, and like to go to naturist beaches, go naked vacations and similar. I am 44 years old and a family man with a wife and lovely boy, not exactly a part of the youth 🙂

I know I might have got it wrong with my view, and that there probably are many who disagree with me. Write your opinion, I’d love to hear it.

Write what’s on your mind!!!

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  1. Matthew Paige, Portland OR

    On the one hand, i can appreciate that younger people no longer feel the need for joining groups or clubs to enjoy the freedom of being naked, but without such organizations as AANR, who fight politically to keep nude recreation legal, I don’t see any movement gett9imng any traction. It woudl be like the occupy movement. A lot of people interested but no real direction or purpose.

    We may not need group sor clubs for opportunities to be naked, but we do need them to ensure that there is enough organization and purpose, so it is still legal to do so.

  2. Peter Terp Listing Owner

    I think your are kind of right about that – but I do not 100% agree. The reason why I don’t agree 100%, can best be described with “Arab spring” which began on 18 December 2010. One can always discuss if they succeeded the complete mission, but they definitely made a change.

    I think big movement, even if they are not organized by larger organizations can make a change – but there is no doubt about AANR and other similar organizations has made a great job, and still do.


    You’re certainly right in that the social media is terrific for getting attention and organizing events from afar, but there’s still a need for groups and clubs to do the physical groundwork. Nightclub dances and parties are fine for what they are, but if there’s to be any real naturism involved someone has to operate and maintain camps, beaches, and other venues. and as you mentioned, the legal legwork sometimes necessary.

    This is a big country and a handful of online groups aren’t going to meet people’s needs. Online resources CAN get folks connected much better than the snail-mail letters of the past and emails and newsletters of the present,. and help generate publicity and, hopefully, public support if done well. Local clubs can provide the manpower necessary to implement activities.

    The online community needs to keep this in mind and work to create new actual, physical groups to replace those fading away through age or, even better, infiltrate those groups and inject some new vigor into them! It’s a lot easier to maintain an existing facility than to build one from scratch.

    You’re right about some folks who don’t feel a need to ‘join’ anything, and that’s fine. They just shouldn’t expect to have things go their way if they’re not going to help make them that way.

    Good post!

  4. Pisco

    Hey Peter

    Thank you for this nice blog! Have you thought of providing an RSS feed to make it easier for your readers to follow your posts?


      1. Peter Terp Listing Owner

        You are right 🙂

  5. Michael Connolly

    I see social media as playing a big part in the acceptance of nudism, however it has it’s drawbacks… some people in the lifestyle are still balking at letting everyone know about their lifestyle choice for fear or reprisals/job loss/family problems.

    It’s a real catch22 situation, we need people to be open & honest about their lifestyle but in some cases if they do they may lose their job/family etc.

    But if more people “came out” then nudism would be seen as just another harmless activity like stamp collecting/bird watching/astronomy/ham radio ie: a little bit out of the norm for most people but nothing to be ashamed of.

    Social media is a powerful tool that can garner support for a cause, so if everyone does as I do & be open about their lifestyle & post status updates about going to a nude beach or checkin to nude beaches etc then it will become more & more mainstream, I get a lot of envious comments when I post up pictures of the swimming holes etc I visit, but I still get the comments like “I could never go nude in public like you do” etc.

    I think there is a place for organisations who are staffed by people willing to go to bat for issues such as beach closures etc, however the younger generation are just not interested in organised anything, they want everything to be free & uncontrolled, so I think that organisations somehow need to cater to this in some shape or form instead of sticking their head in the sand.


  6. Andreas Ganesha Spring

    I think, the paths of the “classic” nudist clubs and organisations and the social media generation of nude people (whether they call themselves nudists, naturists, nuddhists *) or none of the aforementioned) will meet at some point, becoming one. Organisations like the AANR or other national as well as international platforms providing information, insights and also making a stand in favor of nudity being natural already are present on the WWW. And many people have alerady used them as a base of knowledge as well as a welcome motivational help to decide being nude.

    Those “classic” web resources are still around, and just need to be plugged into the Web 2.0 structure of social media (all it takes is a link referer) to make it work. There already are several member-only social platforms for nudists/naturists/generally naked people, which make it easier to connect than on the classic platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, MySpace, etc. Since these nude-themed platforms aren’t open to the general public, the danger of being spotted there by family, co-workers, neighbors and employers is very small. It’s not zero, since nothing is 100 per cent safe on the internet, as we know. But: those are good meeting places, where offline meetings can be arranged, if desired, or experience exchanged and kindred spirits be found.

    Since not everyone is totally at ease, carefree and happy with sharing their enthusiasm about being nude (due to social hang-ups educated into our “civilized” minds, mostly), these platforms might be the point, where the two paths I mentioned initially are going to meet.

    Happy Nude Days,


    *) Nuddhism – a mixed term, humorously merging “buddhism” with “nudity”, referring to spiritual practice, which is also best done in the nude and outdoors, like nude yoga or naked meditation. One classic and well-known spiritual practice done in the nude is tantra – and yes, that is a spiritual practice, even though it involves lots of body, too.

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  8. sassycoupleok

    Great input here !! Just like the younger generations we too enjoy random nudity when we have the opportunity. However organized event add a lot more opportunity for socializing and making new friends.

  9. MarcNude

    I tend to agree with Andreas Ganesha Spring. Both types of organizations will join at some points, and will continue to go their way too. It’s said it takes a generation to change leadership. I’m seeing “far too old” people leading the naturists organizations. Until there’s a change of leadership to the younger generation (20s and 30s), more accustomed to digitally first life, movements will cruise in parallel. At the same time, I think movements like WNBR or FreeTheNipple tend to make nudity a non-event, therefore getting more people into social nudism. We need to continue begin naked when we feel and still be part of larger organizations helps by lobbying governments to change laws. The future for nudism seems bright, let’s continue carry the torch!

  10. Mike

    I agree, there should be more places for nudity. In my area there are very few chances to be nude, like as in the locker room at the gym, but even there their is not much, people either don’t change or go to a toilet stall to change witch I think is ridiculous . There are a couple of us that shower nude and dry off, then walk around naked to our lockers. To be specific there is one family doctor and a couple of others, besides me that are naked most of the time in the locker room. and think nothing of it. A few shower with their shorts of swim suite on and then go to a toilet stall to change., the ones of us that are naked get staring looks. from these prudes. I quick story that happened to me, I am always nude at home, about the only place around here you can be and a neighbor let himself in one day with out warning and I was at the computer, nude. He did not notice till I stood up, he wanted to borrow a jack and lug wrench to change a flat tire. and I said sure and got up, he went into total shock and could not even talk. He said I am sorry that I interpreted something and I just said that I was reading my email .and continued on as if I were dressed. He brought it back and left it outside the door. I did not see him for several weeks when he returned again and let himself in again.,, but said he wanted to talk and I said sure. He told me how embarrassed he was the first time but I did not seem to mind the fact that he seen me naked and how I was just ignoring it. He went on to say he did not think he could ever let anyone see him naked because he had ben raised having it pounded in his head to never let anyone see him naked and that I was the first man he had ever seen naked., we talked for over two hours about it. and he left with him saying that he could not do that. a couple of days later he was back and after a few minutes ask if it would be alright for him to take his clothes off too. and I said sure if you want too. He stayed for about three or four hours talking about how good it felt.. I talked him into going to the Y and he was very hesitant about being naked in public but I had stripped and had nothing but a towel. We used the shower, steam, sauna and hot tub, all naked. He told me how much he enjoyed it and seeing a few others naked too, we became really good friends and went to the Y a lot of the time then. about 6 moths later they moved down south and I never heard from him again. Just goes to show sometimes others will follow your lead, they just need a little encouragement. I am naked anywhere I can be and I don’t tell, but it anyone should ask I do not denie it, ever

  11. jochanaan

    The traditional clubs have done, and are continuing to do, great work. But I myself, although I am nearing sixty years of age, am perhaps more a part of the “new generation” than the old one since I learned about nudism online and am not a part of any traditional group or club. Also, there are many of us who want more than mere enclaves where we can practice what we preach; we want to see a world where such enclaves aren’t even needed because nudity is accepted as normal. We won’t get that merely by holding on to our beaches and resorts; we need many forms of activism, up to and perhaps including marching nude in the streets.

    1. Mike

      I agree, but not many places you could get away with that, Here you would get a heavy fine, jail time, and put on the sex offender list for life.

  12. Naked Wanderings

    We’re not sure if it’s because of social media that the younger generations don’t feel the need anymore to join a club. It’s typical for the Y-generation that they need a feeling of personal freedom (that’s why we’re sure that there’s a future for nudism), but that implies that they don’t want to be put into categories. Especially no categories with a heavy connotation like “nudist”. In the past this was completely different, kids wanted to belong to a group, they wanted to be called “snob” or “skater” or whatever. Now they don’t anymore (and THAT might be because of social media).
    Anyway, joining a naturist organisation makes you a naturist, so if you don’t want to be called one, the last thing you do is joining such an organisation, even though you like to be naked.

    But then we have the problem that the organisations need members in order to survive and that they are needed to protect the rights of nudists.
    The good news is that these days, youth wants to spend money for things they like. So we think that the naturist organisations should completely change their strategies. Instead of charging money in order to become a member and organise member only events. They should just organise events and charge entrance fees.
    Well, those were our two cents…

  13. Mike

    just love that people are now talking about it and seeing naturism as part of normal life

  14. Mike

    Seldom you see any young people at a nudist resort but I did see one kid about 10 playing at a resort with his swim suits on. two other kids about the same age came in, both naked. The kid with his swim suit soon removed his. He seemed a little nervous at first but soon just forgot. I seen him several more times during the day. Don’t know what he done with his swim suit but he did not have it on. I seen him when they started to leave and still did not have it on and walking toward the parking lot with what appeared to be his grand parents, wonder if his mom and dad new where he had been and if they would have approved.