I live in Denmark / Copenhagen

I have a lifetime had the best of nude bathing and have never seen own or others’ nudity as an issue – probably a little hippie-like on this point

I have never been involved in anything associational because what I feel is natural does not need to get into the “box”

I have never called me naturist. I have only used the word naturist if I searched online

Once nude bathing very common in Denmark, but I feel it has changed and liberty has moved south, especially to Spain.

I love self-summer holidays in Ibiza and especially Formentera regarding naturist life and be able to swim, sunbathe and play beach tennis naked – the great sense of liberty everywhere.

At Ibiza, my favorite beach is Salinas around Sa Trinxa

At formentera I love to stay in Es Pujols, in fabulous favorite hotel Tahiti , Tahiti / facebook at because of cafe life at night – a day’s fifth min. walk to the beautiful naturist beaches

The crystal clear, turquoise-colored water and, and the possibility of nude bathing almost everywhere – optional-clothing – attracts – the equal gender and age distribution – and of course the weather is also a definite plus.

Favorite beach is clearly Platja des Canyers 5 min. walk from Es Pujols west. A small beach only 85 meters long, but very cozy and where up to 70% are naturists. Most have food and drink with, but otherwise, there is only 5 min. walk to one of the sides to find what you want to eat/drink at a cafe. So many people are the same we meet year after year and get to know, whatever country they are from.

Whether you are into snorkeling or beach tennis can Platja des Canyers clearly recommended.

Of course, there are many other beaches eg. Migjorn which is also visited by bicycle. The beaches all the way from Es Pujols up against Playa Llevant to Es Palmador I would definitely recommend. Illetas is too crowded in July / August. But 5 minutes walk to the other side you get to the much quieter Levante beach.

The released, a little hippie-like atmosphere – and bohemian atmosphere everywhere on Formentera indictments. If you love the cozy cafés in the evenings I would definitely recommend staying in or near Es Pujols.

Always without modesty

and check also my  other -article

written by Bjarne / wildone



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  1. Oz Cloggie

    Wish it was easy to reach, from Sydney.

  2. Nik_Nudist

    Formentera is a brilliant place to enjoy being nude at, it is very relaxed and laid back, it has a great climate. We’ve enjoyed a few visits there and loved being naked for most of the time there. You mention some great places to be nude at and have brought back some good memories, thanks.

    1. Bjarne

      Thank you for your words – yes, Formentera will forever be my favorite destination