Fuerteventura is a very naturist-friendly island, in fact, it has been named the world’s best naturist island in a user survey from Bare Beaches.

Most of the beaches on the island is used by naturists, especially the more remote is not as populated.

The beaches south of Corralejo has been nominated for ‘Country Parks’ and include Corralejo dunes. It is also in this area on each side of the big hotels to beaches especially used by naturists. Clothing Optional beaches extending over several kilometers, in particularly in the south direction, there are many good places for naturists.

El Cotillo, with the beautiful blue lagoons, is also very popular with naturists who are looking for the genuine Fuerteventuran life in an unspoilt fishing village. It is also possible to find other good places if, for example. rent a car like a 4 wheel drive vehicle, as it can be difficult to come up in several places.

The climate is excellent all year

Avg. Daily Max (°C) Avg. Daily Min (°C) Avg. Monthly Temperature (°C)
January 23.2 10.9 17.5
February 24.7 11.2 17.9
March 27.0 11.8 18.6
April 27.4 12.8 19.3
May 28.5 14.3 20.6
June 29.4 17.0 22.2
July 32.5 18.6 23.9
August 32.6 19.4 24.3
September 30.5 18.0 23.8
October 29.4 16.1 22.4
November 28.9 13.3 20.5
December 24.6 12.0 18.5

All in all, Fuerteventura an excellent example of naturist. Get inspired below 🙂

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  1. nudegayguy

    I absolutely LOVE the full-frontal photos. We don’t get to see too many of those here in the US.

  2. Toby 2019

    Tenerife nude beaches and vast opportunities for naked hiking.

  3. Douglas L. Peed

    I believe it’s appsolutely wonderful and our God given right to go nude if we should wish so.
    There should be no laws against it !
    There are countries where full nudity is a way of life walking anywhere you wish.
    Now having sex on a public place is another matter. It should not be aloud. Those matters should be done in private.