Do you run a naturist business?


  • Would you like to have more customers?
  • Is it hard to get targeted advertisement?
  • Would you like to reach out to thousands of naturists?

If the answer is yes, to just one of those questions, then I can help you.

SpotNaked is a naturist blog and a naturist search engine. The website’s main focus to promote naturist travel options including places to visit as a naturist – beaches, accommodation options, clubs and more. It includes comprehensive profiles of naturist venues. All of it is marketed via PR, social media, and search engine optimisation to ensure a high Google ranking.

We target naturists who love travelling and the naturist lifestyle, with the goal of inspiring naturists to explore naturism all over the world.

To be included

Your personal Marketing Profile on the website takes the form of a detailed presentation of the services and facilities you offer, together with your full contact details, a photo gallery, video option and a contact formula.

You can view one of our happy customer’s pages here

Traffic Statistics

Since the start of SpotNaked back in 2013 until today (may 2017) we the website has had had 953,506 unique visitors and 1,726,408 page views since the website was launched in December 2012

In the period 24 Dec 2016 – 24 Jan 2017 the website had 32,500 unique visitors and 35,000 sessions

Exposure and coverage

The website is marketed in numerous ways, including:

  • On Twitter which has 7600+ followers
  • On Facebook which has 3200+ likes and 3400+ followers
  • On Tumblr which has 1300+ followers
  • Newsletters
  • Search Engine Optimisation to maintain high Google search rankings

The cost

The annual Marketing Profile fee for SpotNaked is €79 euros (or $97 U.S. dollars), with the option to renew each year. During the period of the annual contract, there will be no additional fees.  We do not ask for commission or charge on any bookings. All enquiries generated by the website are sent to you.

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Why a fixed price?

Why a fixed price?

The reason why the price is a fixed price for a year, rather than billing per query is that it would be a manual process to handle all the calculations and invoices. This would really time consuming and error could occur.

Another reason is that you get a full presentation of your product – including phonenumber, address, video and more. It is more like a full presentation of your product than just a link.

Are you on social media?

Are you on social media?

Yes we are! We are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr

Twitter: 7600+ followers
Facebook: 3200+ followers
Instagram: 1200+ followers
Google+: 480+ followers
Tumblr: 1400+ folllowers

How long has Spotnaked existed?

How long has Spotnaked existed?

Spotnaked has existed since August 2012. During the time we have blogged about naturism and travelling as a naturist.

How often do you send email newsletters?

How often do you send email newsletters?

We send a newsletter each week all year.

Dominant countries

Dominant countries

Dominant countries are the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Denmark, India and Indonesia, but there are lots of visitors from all over the world.