Learn how to practice nude beach etiquette so you don’t offend. What you will need is self-control and a Towel

  • Step 1: Don’t call them nudists call them naturists (Personally I don’t care if I’m called a nudist, I’m just a happy being nude)
  • Step 2: Don’t stare at people’s private parts. You wouldn’t do that on a textile beach either.
  • Step 3: Always ask permission to take photo or film on a nude beach.
  • Step 4: The same goes for binoculars. It is only ok to watch birds or similar
  • Step 5: Restrict nudity to the beach, don’t walk naked from the parking lot unless it’s a naturist parking lot
  • Step 6: Carry a towel wherever you go, so you can put it on restaurant chairs and similar.
  • Steo 7: Make everyone feel comfortable, even those who just choose to be topfree

TIP: If you get aroused, you need to hide it, but don’t flaunt it, either.

Short video about the subject

Copyright photo: giovannibaldoni / pixabay

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  1. Troels Jørgensen

    I do’nt think that topfree girls on an nudist beach is a good idea.