There are probably not many who think naturism when dreaming of India. However, it is quite possible to find naturist beaches in this land of mystery. I have created a small collection of hidden nudist beaches in India.

Vagator Beach

The beach is known for its red rocks and springs. The beach is exotic, beautiful and is located at the northernmost corner of Bardez Taluka, opposite the Chapora River. Vagator Beach is split into two main beaches. Vagator Beach beach is very popular among foreign tourists who come to watch the sunset surrounded by red rocks. You also find the sculpture you see on the picture of this post.

On Vagator Beach, you can find facilities for eating, entertainment and Full Resorts & bars.

Ozran Beach

Ozra Beach is one of the lesser known nude beaches in Indiien, which is a little odd, when you consider that this is an amazing naturist beach. It is situated approximately 24 km (14.9 miles) from Panaji and is located near some pretty popular beaches in Goa, including Candolim, Calangute and Baga.

The beach is harder to get to than the more popular beaches. Every year there are many tourists visiting the beach to swim and sunbathe topless or nude. The naturist beach is exotic with swaying coconut trees and beautiful water.

Marari Beach

The beach is the perfect place to explore Kerela Backwaters. The beach is located in a small town called Mararikulam, about. 60 km. from Cochin. There are several attractions near Marari Beach, including Kumarakon Bird Sanctuary and Kerela backwater channels. Marari Beach is beautiful, isolated beach with a long beautiful coastline, where you can plan a perfect holiday for unadulterated enjoyment.

Find a place to stay near Marari Beach


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  1. Naughty

    Hey Dude, Can you tell me a complete Nude beach detail in and around GOA, Kerala ?

  2. Pabby

    Any nude/topless beach resort in Goa, India

    1. nitesh

      In goa u can see such type of beach where u can be nude or topless like ozra beach and one more becah near about anjuna…
      These beaches are popular for their nudity.

  3. Rev.Dr. Regis Yisrael (aka) Bhagwan Swami Sri Sri NithiYAH SaTchidhanandha Jeevan ji Maharaj

    Blessings! Thank you for your input and information. I shall check out these beaches as per your info.
    Nudity is divinity!


  4. Kira yagami

    Nudity is the best way to realise freedom, nudity is not shame ignorance is. More free nude public places should start in india.

    1. Prakash sharma

      I M interesting in nudity for freedom N long life, happy life N natural life. So, give me full detail of this . How is reach there. Which time.

      1. nick

        I m also want to join such type of community….
        Contact on my this number…

  5. arunleo

    nudity is delightful. Useful information.

  6. Rajuraj

    I want nude beach in Kerala or tamilnadu, any one knows?

  7. Lucia

    I have been to one nude beach in Berlin Germany. It was nice to be there but never in that side of the beach. I was actually shy to even look at them. Unsaon nnalag kung naghubo sad ko.. waaaa

  8. vijay

    hi rajuraj .. I am a tamilian I am also looking for beache in tamilnadu and kerala for nudity .. I have been to this beach in kerala near tirur in Malabar district .. I wentr there nude once this place is less crowded .. you can go there nude … if you want to keep in contact with me you can message me .. ask for my contact without hesitation might be we can find some place together..

    1. Rakesh

      Hello friend I’m also from tamilnadu if u like we will create a watsapp group for naturist….

      1. Vaibhav

        Can we join in group and enjoy our slef in wattsup

  9. Vikas

    Hello vijay
    Me and my wife both are interested in nudity on beach or on any group of person we enjoy nudity we have exchanged spouses. Have you any idea for us then tell us on mobile 86997 20187

    1. nick

      Ozra beaches and a beach near about anjuna is popular only for their nudity where u can be topless or nude….
      I m going to goa on 1st October 2016..
      And I m going to visit this place once again…
      My contact number is +919616956037

    2. pankaj

      I m also interested, can we start nude meetup group India.and also participate spancer tunic programme in India

      1. Gaurav

        Kindly include me also in that group.. 9210273708

      1. JoJa


        I have sent an email. we are also interested… please contact us.

  10. vijay

    hello vikas
    happy to get a message from you.. thank you for sharing your number .. exchanged spouse ? I am single .. and true nudist willing to have only nudist meet ( no any meet which contains sexuality).. can I know where are you from .. if we are closer by then we can have a meet in some good beach ..

  11. Raj

    Hi Vijay
    Please share u r no and location

  12. jayesh

    Hi all . i am frm Mumbai. An indian Nudist.
    Pl contact any nudist females/males or couples can we form a group of genuine nudists.?
    Ph 9987276315

    1. Himanshu Kasera

      Pl add me in that group.

  13. Rk

    Hi guys looking for true naturist ..pls team up like minded ..folks .I am from mumbai .
    Vikas ..let’s initiate a get together and feel the nature and enjoy nudity .what say ??

  14. nitin

    Hi..raj n vijay…i m looking for a nude beach from long with no luck as in india its rarely possible. We can only be cloth less when beach is lonley or at night. Its not too risky for male. I enjoyed being naked at a beach in pattaya but night time and one foreigner came and joined me. Felt good to have skiny dip.
    U can get in touch on my mail agwlnitinhwr at rediff

    1. Rakesh

      If u like we will create a watsapp group

    2. Himanshu Kasera

      we can create our own community and can also add to foreigners in that group as well.
      Pl add me in that group.

  15. nitin

    Get in touch on my mail….only nudity lovers…no other things.

  16. sameer

    Hi frnds, I’m single guy from up , i love nudity. Can anyone tell me the nude beach or nude resorts in india. Whtasapp me 7309077315.

  17. Vishal

    Hey , Can you tell me a complete Nude beach detail in and around GOA, India ? Waiting for reply

  18. Hi all I am interested in nude beaches too. But unable to find any I am from Delhi venture in the nearby forests nude please feel free to message me on my email. The above mentioned ppl like sameer,jayesh will message u on watsapp

    Hi all I too am interested to get info about nude beaches. I stay in delhi and appreciate nudity a lot . I even venture out in nearby forests nude . Sameer jayesh will watsapp you regards

  19. sudhir

    I am interested in nudity.If any one has made a group of nudists pls.inform and add me in the group.Thanks

  20. Raju

    I am interested to find nude beaches from south india like tamilnadu & kerala please inform me & join me with that group.

  21. Rakesh

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    2. pankaj

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  25. Manikandan

    hi friends.. im Surya from tn… I’m going to goa on October3.. who are all interested please contact me 9159194712
    Thank you

  26. Poonam

    Hey People,good to se people so broad minded.But Nudity is safe in Spain then in India.I once in Goa with group of friends early morning visited one of the beach it was like Indians were not seen so we girls decided to go with bikini so while playing our male friends got naked and dared us so we also got completely naked and we were all comfortable also teasing our guy friends for their boner also 3 European 2 female and 1 malejoined us .After like 5 mins we saw this 3 Indian guys we did not mind but they stared humiliating us they started like jurking 2 guys demanded to touch us all girls also for sex we had to run away it was very scary.

  27. AruN

    Hey any body can give me perfect address or location or contact… Nude beaches in Kerala, I am going next week in holidays to Kerala… So I want to experience this

  28. AruN

    Hey any body can give me perfect address or location or contact… Nude beaches in Kerala, I am going next week in holidays to Kerala… So I want to experience this

  29. maddy kumar

    I would also like to join you if you are coming to Marari Beach in the nude..

  30. maddykumar30

    Sad to hear of your experience, friend Poonam. Feel free to join us when you come to kerala. We will keep you safe and we will enjoy. Even we won’t touch you without your permission. More girls like your group should come forward so that we can realistically speak about a world without clothes….

    1. maddy kumar

      It is unfortunate that such things happen, but it is due to the fact that unnecessary hiding of the beautiful human body has been there and when it is revealed, there is loss of control. Please forgive the wrongdoers and continue to do this bold activity, friend….

  31. maddykumar30

    Sad to hear of your experience, friend Poonam. Feel free to join us when you come to kerala. We will keep you safe and we will enjoy. Even we won’t touch you without your permission. More girls like your group should come forward so that we can realistically speak about a world without clothes….

  32. Vijay

    I don’t think it is easy to remain nude and not be turned on. For a normal person it would be totally imbecile. One needs a long time to be nude and be restrained so not to attack the opposite sex.

  33. Jeetu Dash

    I M interested ….. to join…

  34. Neeraj

    nudist meet-up … I m also intrested to get freedom.. … pls contact me too… And I m much more concerned about what Ms. Poonam told… I have also same broad minded friends(male n female) … so pls contact…

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  41. Amit

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  44. Radha

    Nimesh kumar
    Have you received any information about nude beach or Nude group in India?
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  45. Radha

    Hi everybody, We are mature couple from Pune. We are interested in nudism. We are exhibitionist. We tried nude on lonely beaches and Jungle in India. But it was hard to do so. Hence we visited and stayed at nude resort in Thailand. Now I am thinking of forming group of like minded people. I will make list and publish in our group and we will have get together. Please contact