I found this short news interview interesting. I think it explains a lot about naturism 🙂

Kansas City nudist group is living life to its fullest while being fully unclothed.

At the age of 56 Julie Dailey is finally at a point in her life where she is happy with herself. She owns her own business as a tax specalist, she let her hair grow gray and she carries a few more pounds than she used to,but she is confortabel wiith her body.

Dailey: “I no longer feel that I need to try to starve myself to be something that I am not”.

As strange as it sounds, she got here by becoming a nudist. For years Dailey – like many women – hated her body.

Dailey: “My whole life I had grown up in this culture where, if your not thin enough you are not good enough and I was tired of it.”

So, she went up to Turtle Lake resort in Michigan, swallowed her fear and went for it.

Dailey: “I did finally go into my tent, take my clothes of, wrapped up in a towel and I walked outside and the world did not implode. Nobody even looked at me!, You know, I just fit right in.”.

She is now involved with “Hardly Naturists” a nudist organization right in Kansas City, there are more than 60 active members and the group continues to grow.

Dailey: “We are very lucky, because in Kansas city we got 2 nudist lakes within an hour’s drive, we have a nudist camp within 1½ hour.”

This stigma is still there. Many members of Hardly Naturists, has to keep this part of their life a secret. Some – even keeping it from family members. they say that they have to live their lifes in the shadows, because they say that society does not accept their lifestyle.

Ray: “We all have a human body and god created it and god doesn’t create anything that is bad and shameful. So what is the big deal about it?”

Ray who asks us not to use his last name, has been a nudist for more than 20 years.
Ray: “I have always been pretty shy and pretty low on self confidence.”
It was nudism that brought him out of his shell.

Dailey: “It is not about judging people, and that is probably why I feel safe. we are just on a level plane field.”

Both Julie and Ray stress that It is newer about sex!
Ray: “Believe it or not – that is for most people that are nudist, it is the furthest things from people’s mind.”

Hardly naturists has a strict screening process to make sure that the people who join are there for the right reason.

Dailey: “It is not a spectator sport, we are not there to show ourselves to you, we are there to just be.”

They camps, swim, sports and games just like everyone else.
Dailey: “It is ok to be who you are.”

Except in their case they are more comfortable in their own skin.

What is your experience?


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