Picture from Le ColombierIt was getting late in the afternoon. The sun was baking us alive, through through the window of our car which didn’t have any airocnucondition, we were drenched with sweat on our bodies and our clothes was like glued to the seats which now had housed us in the two days it took us to the drive from Aarhus to St . Hermaine, Loire Valley – southwest of Paris, south of Normandy and Brittany, north of Bordeaux and 50 km. from the Atlantic Ocean.

But we were on the road, and even our 5-year-old boy, Sebastian was now so excited about what was going to happen, we all sat with wide open eyes and spoke the last few kilometers before we drove from the highway.

Ahead we had a week’s campout at naturist campsite Le Colombier, and although the sun was baking right now, we could see large dark clouds draw in over the golden cornfields and threaten to spoil the tent setup and everything we had been looking forward to.

We turned off at St. Hermaine, and with the phone set to Data Roaming we steered through the most picturesque French villages, left, right, right, left, and right around … The rain put tiny round beads on the windshield and we started to find our natural temperature-rent again. And before we knew it, we turned from knowing from Streetview home that we were on the right track, and managed to arrive at Le Colombier without rain anymore.

Le Colombier

The entrance to Le Colombier is a long road with tall trees and dense vegetation. Almost like disappearing into a deep dark forest, and suddenly discover that the woods are full of open spaces and naked people.

We had arrived too late to the reception should be open, but we were lucky that day. They had been busy that they, and had not had time to close. The welcome was warm and welcoming and we got to find us a good spot to pitch your tent and come back next morning to check-in.

We found ourselves a spot. With tent-back against the shrubbery and views over fields and forests, we had found our home for the next 7 days.

The evening opened a traveling circus, and when the lights came on and the clowns were laughing, we sat tired and tender in our tent opening and looked up into the most amazing star-covered sky. This should probably be fine.

7 days disappears fast at Le Colombier, St. Jermaine

Besides the many daily moments of fun and rituals when you are camping with his family, so we were placed in a natural area that gave us the opportunity to go for walks and explore the lakes and forest.

Le Colombier is huge and each tent pitch is huge and with lots of room to spread filling. So we did – when we have not had in the pool, or hang out downstairs in the restaurant, where we also took our dinner a couple of times.

The main buildings at Le Colombier is an old rustic farm which requires both a reception, restaurant, bar and grocery store. The place exudes authenticity when the old stone oven from the Medieval are lit with wood from the sorrounding forests and creates the heath for the homemade pizzas that are baked the same evening.

Here are all sorts of people, and not least many families characterized the area. Le Colombier had, however, to promote naturism in adolescents invited a Dutch young-naturist club to stay for 14 days. Apart from that it was a good idea to integrate the diversity of different age groups, it also created sleepless nights and loud music.

Discovering France

We found ourselves in an area of France that I never really heard of before. It was not because we could find so much about it in the books we had borrowed about the area. But France Tourism is well established and happily shares their many attractions in the area.

We went exploring every day and visited exciting medieval towns, castles, palaces and mansions. Every trip revealed new exiting places that wasn’t described anywhere. Once again we had to conclude that France has much more to offer than they manage to describe.

Several of the days we went to the beach. We drove to different beaches and found two naturist beaches. One was called La Terriers and it was wonderful, relaxed, wave-rich and the other was huge and unfortunately very windy. Both beaches were worth the drive, especially for the natural surroundings.

Suddenly, time had passed. Our tent took in water when it rained. The many sleepless nights made us tired and although we had an adventure and a wonderful holiday, we were pleased to drive home again.

We were driving home one afternoon, and with the sun in the neck, we took the trip back to Denmark. When we unpacked our clothes our backpacks and emptied the car – sand fell out of the car, pine cones and a spicy fragrance from the French forests … Best as you think it – a deep and adventurous, forests opens up with happy nudes 🙂

Thanks to Le Colombier for having opened their forest for us. Sebastian, Peter and Lise

Le Colombier kontaktinformationer:
Phone: +33 (0)251 27 83 84
E-mail: info@lecolombier-naturisme.com
Er through a formular on their website


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