Formentera naturist

Many – actually 500 – have shared my previous article at Facebook, and some have contacted me for more info, therefore I thought it was time for a new article.

I am already dreaming of a new naturist vacation – and again, I want to spend it on Formentera.

When autumn is upon us and winter just around the corner, what is more natural, than to dream and fantasise for a new summer filled with beach life – plan and book your summer holiday – and what is more natural than beach life without swimsuits.

Liberate your mind and body with a vacation with extra sunscreen and no tan lines

Formentera Canyers sand

I prefer clothing optional – where people with and without bathing suits thrive together in the best harmony – real naturist resort is not just me –  I feel clothing optional allows more freedom – and with equal distribution of gender and age, then Formentera is a hit – and Formentera is just a fast ferry ride from Ibiza.

Formentera, naturist under water

I clearly prefer to stay in Es Pujols with a few minutes walk to the naturist beaches and in the evening near the cafe life.

I prefer the incredibly lovely hotel Tahiti, and perhaps the best

I’m addicted the crystal clear, warm, turquoise-colored water and so much you can do naked at the beach, beach-tennis, snorkelling and see big fish and squids

and you don’t need clothing for windsurfing, paddle surf, or canoeing etc. etc.

I wish I were naked on the beach right now!

Formentera, naturist, playing with sand


At Formentera, there are beaches where you rent beach chairs and umbrellas – but I prefer the beaches, where you have own umbrella and blanket and not forgetting plastic foot as you screws into the sand so parasol stands firmly – and when the parasol stands firmly it becomes not destroyed by the wind

Espalmador mud

Espalmador is definity a place to dream and definitely a must see spot.

Forget all about swimsuits, but remember food and drink – unless you take one of charter boats serving food and drink on the boat – and parasol must – and there is a small boat sailing shuttles there almost all day

Here I’m – Espalmador just soaked in the mud for a while.

Espalmador is known for the famous mud bath, but now the authorities would like to have you do not touch it.

Espalmador have the most snow-white beaches -and it’s paradise – like Formentera is paradise

Find places to go nude in Spain

Always without modesty

you can click on the pictures to enlarge them – and if you share photos, make credit

written by Bjarne  /  wildone
Copyright top photo: Samu / Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Alex & Rob

    Bjarne hit the bull’s eye: you got to feel the spirit of this island. There is hardly any luxory but also hardly any limit if it comes to nudity at the beaches – although in July and August you may face some spectators (“guardoni”) among the crowds in swim suits

    1. Bjarne Listing Owner

      Hi Alex and Rob, thanks for comment. I can see at your lovely pics at Tumblr that you also loves Formentera – nice

      Maybe we meet at Formentera in the summer

      Best regards

  2. Nik

    Bjarne sums up the freedom to enjoy Formentera clothes-free pretty well. Like him we enjoy the clothing-optional way of life, people accept each other as they choose to be and we’ve never had any problems mixing with others when we are nude there. We’ve enjoyed being naked on most of the beaches that are away from the ones in front of hotels and restaurants. It is our experience as well that in July and August there may be clothed ‘spectators’ watching the naked beach users, but its not been much of a problem for us when we’ve been nude there then.

  3. Milan

    verry verry good or verry verry sexy….