In the middle of an interview with Walter Grey who is mayor of the city of Kelowna in the Western Canadian province of British Columbia, Lori Welbourne, radio host and blogger on the program ‘OnTheRocksTalk’ suddenly asked Grey to hold the microphone and then threw the top.

– It’s really hot in here, she said. The mayor was really suprised and quite asked Welbourne what she was doing.

Undaunted, the now topless journalist continued the interview about thetopic going topless in public.

Welbournes stunt came at the same time prior to the previous Sunday and the annual ‘go topless-day‘.

Nowhere in Canada it is illegal to go topless unless it is considered to be inappropriate. Welbourne would seemingly test how the border so instantaneously.

Just like Canada, it is legal in some states for women to go topless in public, including in New York.

Article source: Ekstrabladet

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