Naked hiking is getting more and more popular, and it is actually a wonderful way to experience nature, If you haven’t been hiking naked before you might need some basic advices.

Naked hiking tips and advices

  • You need to check the local law before going on a naked hike. It will not be a nice experience to be stopped by authorities just wearing your shoes, socks and backpack.
  • It is a very good idea to hike away from high traffic trails. You don’t want to shock or offend people. There is different ways to solve the problem, one is to start your hiking trip really early when trails isn’t crowded. Another is to hike fully clothed until you get to a more remote place where you can walk naked freely. A third solution could be hiking on less crowded weekdays – it could be days where other people work.
  • Group hiking is preferable when you hike naked. A group with lots of naked people seems more legitime than a single person walking around naked.
  • Always have some clothing with you in your backpack. It can come in handy, if you want to cover yourself in places where you risk to offend other people. It of course can be handy as well for cold weather, especially if hiking a little of season for the summer period.
  • Act naturally if you meet other clothed hikers. If you act nervous and a little ashamed you will more likely be mistaken for a pervert than if you just walk by and say “hello”
  • Sunscreen is your friend, the sun can be very strong.
  • If it is an area that you don’t know, then do some basic research about poison plants and a like. After all, you are naked, and it is easy to get in contact with a poison plant on your naked body.
  • For all hikers both clothed or naked – bring plenty of water on the hike, you don’t want to dehydrate in the middle of nowhere.

I hope you find some of the advices useful… Have a nice hiking trip 🙂

Copyright photo: QuidoX / Wikimedia Coomons

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  1. Alexis & Christi

    Going naked is the new age of clothing.

  2. Guy Purcella

    I love hiking naked, and have never had a negative run in by avoiding people mostly. Wish more people would try it. We blog about our nudist life at

  3. mike b

    Thanks for some good advice. I’ve been going for naked walks for years now, found several good places where not many people go , always keep a look out for textiles, though in England it is not illegal to be naked in public.