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  1. sassycoupleok

    Even back then I think clothing still defined the classes of people from the rich to the poor. However two classes of people were nude for different reasons. First of all the athletes of the time were considered to be almost gods so nudity for them enhanced the worship and respect of there bodies as such they never felt any shame or reason to cover themselves. It’s too bad the athlete today can’t/don’t have the same privilege. The site of them would surely inspire many to have healthier lives. Second were the slaves and house servants of the day were often kept nude to symbolize their position in life. Not sure how we could relate that to today’s world at all, it should probably be choice of people working if so desired.

  2. Mark Iliff

    Before my time, but the idea of swimming with clothes on is so bizarre that only an advanced civilisation could think of it

  3. Jo Mulholland (Ozcloggie)

    Well put, Mark!!