The health and personal development benefits of naked yoga are well documented. However, naked yoga is a relatively new concept and you could be wondering whether it is getting fetish or there are indeed real health benefits to write about. It originated from the land of diverse and beautiful culture, India where it was practised by Naga Sadhus. Naked yoga will give you the health benefits of the conventional yoga and top it up with numerous image and wellness benefits. We will help you understand naked yoga better, the benefits and where you can practice.

Positive body image

Many people around the world have a negative image about their body. They even avoid getting into contact with their naked bodies because perhaps they feel that it is not as beautiful like they would like or feel that it is immoral. Naked yoga liberates you from negative feelings regarding your body and allows you to become more accepting, and get a deeper connection with yourself and your environment. Most people associate nakedness with sex, it does not always have to be like that. With naked yoga, it is all about knowing, embracing and loving yourself at your core. A big part of naked yoga involves honouring and connecting with your body.

Naked yoga says ‘be comfortable in your own skin’

Your body has a lot to do with you self-perception and pride. If you think your body is not good enough, you will have a problem with self love. If you have problems with your self-esteem, nude yoga is a good exercise to help you connect and love you body as it is. Once you start loving your body, you will begin valuing and loving yourself for whom you are. Nude yoga takes away all insecurities surrounding your sexuality. Whether you are male or female, it will help you explore your body and worry less over petty issues. You will learn to be yourself and be upbeat about your sexuality. “When you are confident with your naked body, you are confident in your clothed body.”

Deepens mind-body-spirit connection

Naturist yoga practices eliminate any restrictions from clothing, which promotes a better sense of freedom, self-confidence, and enhanced body appreciation. The experience of seeing and feeling the body stretches and movements as you move from one pose to the next leads to a more alert, sensual and connected exercise. A deeper connection with ourselves makes room for cultivating an inner consciousness that transits us to a place where we can rise above earthly concerns and embrace a higher consciousness. Clothes tend to conflict with the spirit of yoga, which is oneness and union. Clothing reminds us of our differences and hence hinders our commonality as humans and yogic principal that inspires peace, compassion and devotion to spirit.

Regaining intimacy

This does not necessarily mean sex. If you have difficulties in your relationship, naked yoga will ignite and the love feeling once again. If you and your partner want to build a successful relationship with solidarity, make naked yoga part of your routine.

Confront your fears

Being naked in a room filled with people is mortifying and probably the worst fear for most people. If this is you, try getting your toosh on the yoga mat (nude and in a full room filled with strangers); it is liberating and freeing. When we build the courage to step out of our comfort zone, something paranormal takes place. Growth!! And this is not just physical fear, if you can step out in a naked yoga; you will learn to confront those things giving you sleepless nights in your life. Nude Yoga is a change catalyst. Get that clean, fresh slate.

Health benefits

Naked yoga offers numerous health benefits to the body, just like conventional yoga. It helps in boosting immunity, cardiovascular benefits, psychological health, improved digestion, better skin, improved metabolism, and alleviating anxiety.

Where to practice yoga

For people that are still afraid of stepping out, you can begin naked yoga right in your bedroom. There are many tutorials and instructional videos online that will give you a step to step guide on how to get the best out of naked yoga. Some of the tutorials are well designed to suit a program with progressive skills from a beginner to an experienced naked yoga enthusiast.

There are many yoga clubs that have embraced the idea of strip back and relax. You can find naked yoga clubs across U.S. and UK. check out Bali- Luxury Nude Yoga Retreat, Hawaii- Retreat for Men, Naked Yoga in Sydney (Go Down Under), Tulum in Mexico, New York- Bold & Naked Yoga Studio or San Francisco- The Sun Room, Naked Men’s Yoga Classes. You can also try At Sea- A Nude Cruise that stops in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand or Awe Resort in Thailand.

Some existing yoga clubs have also embraced the idea of naked yoga; you can ask from the instructors if they have naked yoga in their classes.

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