21361858_mFind inner peace and get a better self-esteem while you are on a naked yoga vacation.

Ibiza is well know for its night long parties to dance and techno music with a lot of drunk people. But Ibiza also has much more to offer than party vacations, Formentera Travel offers nude yoga vacations on Fomentera/Ibiza.

It is The Islnads first naturist resort which offers the naked yoga vacation which has become a huge success on record time..

Formentera Travel says that Naked Yoga is not for everyone and you choose for yourself, wether you want to practice yoga with or without clothes. We are happy to present Anette our Yoga Instructor as a part of the program says Formentera Travel.

Anette has previously been interviewed by Daily Mail where she told that people after a naked yoga session should feel more relaxed than they have done before.

– People say they can do more of what life offers them than they could before. They accept themselves, forget about weight problems and in general self-consciousness, and they learn to love themselves more, it said.

– In addition – and this is very important – they get deeper respect for themselves and others, and they become less judgmental of themselves and others, says Annette, who did not want his last name out.

Source: Ekstrabladet

Have you participated in Naked Yoga Classes?


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