Finland is probably the country in the world where it’s most common to be naked. Naturism occurs the most at their cottage,¬†usually located near a lake and a sauna. After a sauna trip, you can leap into the lake, everything happens nude – naturally.

Finland does have a few official nude beaches one of them is Pihlajasaari, it is a small island just outside Helsinki. The beach is an official naturist beach and you can get there by ferry from Merisatama, the other is in Yyteri located west of Pori.

Video inspiration from Pihlajasaari

Find places to go nude in Finland

Copyright photo: Fotari70DX / Pixabay
Copyright video: Monika Poitschke-Bister / Youtube

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  1. Florida Nude Recreation Guide

    I wouldn’t think Finland would have a lot of nudist activities due to the cold weather. But I guess you learn something new every day!

  2. Lucien den Arend

    We just thought to leave an address here to a remote area for nudist recreation.