Poles are very tolerant of naturism on the beach. Despite the fact that there are no official nude beaches in Poland, thousands choose to visit the beach to enjoy a skinny dip or a naked tan. The beaches are named in this short article is all  “clothing optional” – where the general rule is that you will find mixed couples (eg naked man with topless women), mixed groups (a nude couple, one textile), blended families (naked parents with textile kids or the other way around), all other possible combinations and last but not least, naked singles, couples, families and groups of friends.

One can safely enjoy naturism anywhere at sea, provided that you respect other people’s privacy. Like so many other places in the world, the rule is that you walk away from most crowded part of the beach, when you don’t see a lot of people around you, then drop your cloth without the need to worry. Never walk naked around the central part of the beach – it would be perceived as exhibitionism. The high degree of tolerance of naked couples and families, will not necessarily be achieved in the direction of naked single men or naked gay couples, especially when they are near children. Make sure you do not violate the privacy of textile sunbathers. If you are not sure whether you can dress up or not, you can try to do it and observe the reaction. It is important to note that topless sunbathing is not popular on the Polish textile beaches. If sunbathing on the nudist beach, you will probably find that people walk or cycle along the sea. They do not bother – it’s just how many Poles have their daily walk on the beach.

Międzyzdroje Lubiewo

This beach is located near Miedzyzdroje, one of the most prestigious resorts on the Polish coast, about 20 km from the German border.


Rowy (20 km north of Slupsk) were fishermen village a few years ago, now it has developed into a modern tourist resort, but it is far less crowded and noisy than Miedzyzdroje.


The village D?bki, about 50 miles north of Gdansk is famous for its unique atmosphere. The beach is famous for its fine, golden sand, clean sea and beautiful forest right near the beach.


Is not far from D?bki beach is the most famous nude beach in Poland, because of the song “Cha?upy Welcome to” sung in 80 has local singer Zbigniew Wodecki. The beach is located on the Hel peninsula, between the villages Cha?upy and Ku?nica.

Gdansk Stogi

This is the only beach accessible from a big city with public transportation. It lies east of Gdansk.


If you are in Piaski, you are at the end of Poland. Piaski is a small village on the far eastern end of the Polish coast, close to the Russian border. You can park in one of the forest’s parking along the road from Krynica Morska and go to the beach. Alternatively, you can go from Piaski to the west, about 2 km from the village nude section starts. It is probably the longest naturist beach in Poland – you can sunbathe nude along the coast, 5 km or more. In some places (near parking) you will see more textile people, but do not worry – they will not mind naked intruders. The main disadvantage of Piaski is that there is no clean water and beach

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