What It’s Like To Experience Naturism In Australia

Only a few countries in the world appreciate naturism and Australia is one of them. This country is endowed with several suitable environments that happen to be naturally warm and friendly for those who love to free themselves in nature without a stitch of clothing to separate them from their surroundings.

What does the law states?

Depending on the state and local council, Australia is generally forbearing when it comes to naturism. Aside from Queensland, there is a legal nude beach in every Australian state. But in order not to have problems with the law, it is highly recommendable that visitors cling to only renowned clothing-optional zones, resorts, beaches, and clubs.

What’s the current situation like?

While there seems to be a decline in the country’s naturist community, particularly among the younger folks, it is interesting to know that there are still a good number of Aussies who prefer to walk around as nature intended. People come from far and wide to experience the sand, the sun, the surf, and even socialize with other like-minded naturists they come across.

Most Australians generally have a carefree attitude toward naturism. So, there is relatively almost nothing to worry about when you are in your birthday suit here.

Are there any rules to stick with?

When you are not wearing clothes in the public, it is important to understand and adhere to the certain rules of comportment so as not to infuriate anyone. At least common sense should make you show some respect to everyone around you even if you haven’t done it before.

While there is obviously nothing to worry about, it is, however, expected that you observe some basic rules such as avoid staring at people, ensure proper control of yourself without having to get sexual, avoid taking photos of people without their consent, and try as much as possible to remain within the designated nude areas. Also, remember to come along with your shade and sunscreen.

What has nature got to offer?

There are lots of fun and exciting activities for anyone looking to experience naturism in Australia. From the sunny open beaches to the friendly natural parks to the tranquil resorts, Australia is packed with lots of excitements and fun for anyone looking to enjoy life in nature. Just so you know, the country is open to newcomers, as there are so many destinations that are home to several communities of friendly, like-minded naturists.

Some interesting places open to naturists include:

Cow Bay – Queensland
A natural lowland landscape nestled in the heart of Cairns. Here, there are lots of tropical trees to shade from the sun while the calm waters of the South Pacific are there to cool the body.

Lady bay beach
For decades, this has been the ultimate go-to place for those who dared to bare all in Australia. Historically, it is renowned as the oldest nudist beach in the country.

For those looking to get outside, take their kit off, and explore the wild, Australia is just one of the few best countries that will encourage you to do so graciously.

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    We work hard here, entertaining mostly foreign guests – including quite a few from Australia, so we can try to save up enough cash to visit Australia ourselves next year!

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