Naturism in Bangladesh is an interesting concept. First of all, it is illegal and rarely will you find any official nudist places or areas that tolerate nudism. Since the majority of Bangladesh’s inhabitants believe in the Islam, nudism is frowned upon by most people and especially in public places. The fact that Bangladesh is often a target for teenage prostitution has discouraged the government from allowing nudism in public. Bangladesh is a Muslim nation and nudism is like a spit to their culture.

A group of naturalists

Interestingly, there are groups of naturists that have come together to find out the activities they can do together albeit illegal. From time to time, some naturists carry out campaigns to push their government to legalise naturism in Bangladesh. In the meantime, naturism is practised privately or through an online platform where naturists have subscribed for naturist information.

Since members of this group find it hard to get a local attraction where they can regularly visit, sunbathe, and just relax, they help one another with information on the most interesting nudist places globally. They also give detailed reviews of the attractions they have visited before including the do’s and don’ts, pricing, and convenience. Some actually plan tourist trips together to nudism festivals and other nudist friendly destinations. In other days they just join up for humour and fun.

To join their group, you must abide by their set rules and also give a proof of nudism interests in any part of the world. The fact that it is an online forum and uses online platforms for its discussions, they do not allow any form of pornography or sexually explicit content. Your personal information is protected and cannot be used for pornographic sites.

Is there anything physical?

The ground is slowly breaking especially at Cox Bazaar’s beach in Bangladesh. Cox Bazar’s beach is excellent for picnicking, swimming and sunbathing. Inani beach is just 4 to 5 minutes away from Cox Bazar. For a good time, get there around sunset. Laboni Beach is actually closer than Anani beach. However, the crowds will not let you even think about sunbathing. In a good day, you will be swimming with about 100 of your close friends.

Plan your trip to Cox Bazar beach between October and April. The temperatures are good, and you can have 8 hours of the sun to let you enjoy the warm beaches. Do not be too expectant when it comes to naturism in Bangladesh.

Find places to go nude in Bangladesh

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  1. Zahir Khan

    Well, I just spent 4 days in Cox’s Bazar (Aug’18) with my wife. I went to the main beach early in the morning (7 am) and swam nude. There were very few fishermen and women around, who couldn’t care less. Very few tourists far and between walking, who just looked but just kept walking. Didn’t have any complaints.