Belarus is on the list of least visited countries in Europe. In spite of the fact that it is home to some amazingly beautiful beaches, there is very little tourist activity taking place in the country. Notably, this territory and all public amenities have a high government interest as the government seeks to control such resources. There is micro-management of resources, a lot of moral policing and intolerance to “disorder.”This does not mean that naturism does not exist; naturists do carry out their leisure activities on the beaches.

Naturism is not illegal and neither is it permitted in Belarus. Generally, naturism is not tolerated in this country especially in the current regime. In 2013, a group of policemen tried to arrest free-living citizen at a local unofficial beach where they were accused of rioting. According to the authorities, nudism is akin to hooliganism in the country, which is a violation of order and protection of public resources. Apparently, putting some trunks on is obedience to the law. In spite of this incidence, there is no pronounced legal statement against naturism; however, the government does not tolerate it politically – not legally.

In 2012, a police commander made a public announcement saying that if you are a Belarus citizen, you must obey the law and put on pants. In spite of the hostility, there is a well-established community of naturists in Belarus. They have also identified a number of unofficial nudist beaches where they meet to enjoy their hobby. For instance, there is an unofficial nudist beach outside the capital Minsk known as Minskoye More reservoir. It is very close to the capital and it is popular among local naturists in the region. Pesky is another upcoming nudist beach.

There are also other factors hindering the tolerance of naturism in Belarus such as third country smuggling issues going on between Moscow and Belarus. Actually, the threat of smuggling has seen Moscow close some of its nude beaches. For the most nudist beaches, mingling between both sexes is highly discouraged to avoid any form of sexual inclinations or abuse.

In a nutshell, if you are shopping for an ideal naturist destination around Europe, Belarus should be at the bottom of your list. It is not the right place as it is because complications regarding basic rights and public resources make it a difficult activity to enjoy. However, when time allows, it is going to be one of the most ideal naturist beaches across the world.

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