Do not let the cold weather that is synonymous with Canada give you the impression that naturism is an unlikely pastime here. On the contrary, naturism is well advanced in Canada than most destinations worldwide. The history of naturism in Canada is fascinating. Naturism in Canada began with a religious sect — the Doukhobors. They were Russian immigrants that settled in western Canada and practised nudity occasionally when working in the fields. A section of the Doukhobors, the Freedomites, stripped publicly during the mass protests of 1900s to object government assimilation policies. Van Tan Club was Canada’s first naturist club in 1939. It still operates to date in North Vancouver, BC.

Find places to go nude in Canada

Is naturism legal in Canada?

Nudity laws in Canada are intertwined in a confusing and skewed enforcement. To be more precise, section 174 of Canada’s Criminal Code prohibits nudity in communal or civic places or on private property with a public view “without a legitimate defence.” It is however stated as a summary conviction offence, which makes it a less serious offence. It’s liable to be punished with a six-month jail term, a $5,000 fine, or both. The Canadian society is generally shy and upholds morality.

Where do you find designated naturist zones in Canada?

There are only a few official nudist beaches in Canada. However, you will derive pleasure in knowing there is a large naturist movement that drive numerous naturist activities. Naturism is popular even among young people that have formed their own movement to enjoy nudism activities. Such organizations that are committed to promote and protect naturism among its members include the Federation of Canadian Naturists, Western Canadian region of the American Association for Nude Recreation, and the Topfree Equal Rights Association.

As a naturist, there is a lot you can do in Canada. In Ontario alone, there are nine popular naturist sites. And there are more than a dozen in other places including swimming holes that allow complete nudity. If you are in Canada, you can safely and legitimately practice naturism on the following beaches that have a reputation of being the best naturist beaches around; Crystal Crescent Beach – Sambro, Nova Scotia, Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick, Wreck Beach, Patricia/Beaconia Beach in Manitoba, Hanlan’s Point along Toronto Island in Ontario, Paradise Beach , Oka National Park and the longest naturist beach –Wreck Beach in Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

There is something unique about naturism recreation and culture in Canada. Though nudists may not afford to stay in the cold for too long, however the reason for their naturism is social nudity. The honesty, the sincerity, the freedom, the relief, the sameness, the respect, and the fun – are just as compelling indoors.

Find places to go nude in Canada

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  1. Karen

    Yes, there “are” official nudist beaches in Canada. How can you write an article about naturism without mentioning that Vancouver’s Wreck Beach, and Toronto’s Hanlan’s Point Beach are both clothing optional beaches where nudity is legal?

    I question whether Doukhobors would have considered themselves naturists although some used nude marches as a form of peaceful, political protest. However, if you are going to mention them it is worth noting that Canada’s anti-nudity laws were created to deal with these protests.

  2. Vladimir Poutine

    A section of 3 Mile Beach near Penticton BC is a Nude Beach.