Croatia has been a naturist destination dating back to 1930s when the island of Rab can be termed as the pioneer of naturism on the Adriatic Sea. It all started with the English King Edward VIII who was on Rab with his wife. They were allowed that he and his wife could take a nude swim in the bay Kandarola. It is the same reason that the bay is now called “The English beach”.

Croatia is the first country in Europe to start with commercial naturism, other countries in Europe was limited to clubs. The first naturist camp opened in Istra and Dalamatien in 1960. At that time, there were more than 100,000 naturists who spent their holiday in Croatia. Today the figure is somewhat higher and the excess number 1,000,000, which is 10 times as much as in the sixties. Tourists in the country come from countries like Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as other liberal countries. Croats also like naturism, it is believed that up to 15% of the population practising nudism.

Today there are many opportunities for naturism in Croatia, there are more than 20 official naturist places, which is spread over 8,220,000 sqm

Naturist beaches in Croatia are marked as “FKK”. This is the abbreviation for the German word “Freikörperkultur” (free body culture). The FKK sign is ubiquitous all along the Croatian coast.

In short, you can say that Croatia is certainly a naturist country, which is definitely worth visiting

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Find places to go nude in Croatia

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  1. Steve Jennings

    We have found that many naturists visiting Croatia choose to travel on South into Montenegro where, although further naturist beaches/sites exist, they can be harder to find and less well known. Would you consider writing a naturist guide for Montenegro also. As an owner of a clothing optional eco-campsite in Montenegro I would be happy to help provide details of naturist friendly destinations in Montenegro. Please contact me via our website or on the e-mail address supplied if I can be of help.

  2. damir fenrich

    New destination on Brač, small city Sumartin,Sv.Rok also for guys and swinging people,nice people and clear water…

  3. Stephen Russell

    Love to sample, aside France & Spain, Greece.
    Hope they have maps denoting beaches, hotels etc for sans swimsuit marketplace.
    & to sample countrys own version of Cap D Agde.