You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to naturist sites and recreation spots in Cyprus. Besides, the weather is awesome throughout the year. You can expect the sun as early as 5:30 in the morning with a likelihood of setting out all day. This is a safe haven for naturists with a year round sunshine and breath-taking views and temperate seas. Here are my picks for your naturist holidays.

Find places to go nude in Cyprus

Salamis beach

Imagine a place that will give you a privacy ideal for Eau Naturelle and allow you to cram some culture in between. Salamis is home to many ruins that connects you with history. The beach is just 15 minutes away from the famous Famagusta area where you can have all your privacy without disruption of locals or crowds. For naturist recreation, Weekdays are the best days. Weekends are packed with huge crowds.

Agios Georgios Coves

The Coves are on the west of Paphos and it is a nudist favourite. The lofty rock-strewn cliffs have carved several coves into a landscape that offer excellent privacy if you are looking for an ideal nudist beach. There is a development of villas near the beach. Avoid walking into the coastal front beyond the small island—Yeronisos facing the development.


A few beaches exist in this region. Some allow women to go topless while in others total nudism is perfectly allowed. The beaches have signposts on where nudism is acceptable and to what point. Look out for them to avoid getting into trouble. The two designated beaches are just after the Souli Hotel and another one after the bath of Aphrodite.

Lara Turtle Beaches

Lara Beach is not easily accessible, and this makes it all perfect for sunbathing skin-diving. It involves a road trip to get there. In spite of the distance, it is particularly busy, but with naturists. You are likely to come across other like-minded people in this place.

Karpaz Beach

Karpaz beach is miles long, with sparkling clear waters and presents the much-needed isolation for tourists that are looking to sunbathe in the buff. The beach is in the Turkish district of Cyprus, which is quite a catch for naturism. Although once again you must stick to the designated areas, there are signposts and directives to guide you. A huge part of Karpaz beach nudist friendly, but you still need to go to the farthest right of the beach just behind the huge sand dune.

Find places to go nude in Cyprus


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