Estonia boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. With such breathtaking endowments, most people look forward to going all natural on the beautiful and innate sceneries. Estonia is one of those places that you want to experience nude sunbathing, mud bath or a spa at the shore of a beautiful. There is little information about naturism in Estonia for those looking forward to visiting. Here is what we found.

Legal system

The legal system of Estonia is quite vague on naturism. It is not expressly prohibited, and it is not officially allowed. For those that have private lakes, nudism is allowed along those beaches. However, an official request has to be made to the government to hold an event or a party that will involve naturism in Estonian public beaches. Generally, there is less interest among locals for naturism. However, tourists have clearly indicated the need to allow naturism in public beaches. After much lobbying, Narva-Joesuu nude beach became the first official nude beach in the country. It is located near Narva-Joesuu town, about 2 km South West from the border.

Places to go nude

Apart from the private lakes, non-profit bodies manage the other available naturist beaches. You do not require a ticket to enjoy these beaches. They include Tallinn, Tartu, and Parnu. Tartu is unofficial but permitted naturist beach found about 3 km of north-east of the ferry port. It is at the extreme northern end of the textiler beach. Tartu is another naturist lawn beach which is located just next to the city beach at the rare end of Ranna tee on the other end of Emajogi River from supilinna pond.

Parnu is the most famous unofficial and tolerated women’s and men’s beach. It is sandwiched between the official beach and Parnu River. Initially, it was just a long naturist section set apart from women. However, over time both naturist men and women have been allowed into the Parnu beach. The beach also comes with beautiful accommodation as well as spas.

Best way to enjoy nudity

The best way to enjoy naturism in Estonia is to look for spas along the beach that allow their clients to have this experience. Alternatively, you can look for individuals with private lakes that allow nude and sunbathing. Some of them offer accommodation, while for others you may need to arrange for any of the beautiful hotels along the beach. Since the private lakes or beaches do not advertise their services, consider engaging services of a local guide with more information. There is a still a lot of activism going to promote naturism in Estonia by allowing naturism in public beaches and spas.

Find places to go nude in Estonia

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