Naturism is illegal in Fiji. Nudism is frowned upon in local areas, and the locals are naturally conservative. One can even be arrested and charged with indecent exposure if caught naked in public places. However, you can go nude in designated beaches just like in most countries; however, there are no official nude beaches in the country. Naturism in Fiji is not culturally accepted and is not tolerated. However, Fijian are generally polite, so they never jeer at naked tourists or tell them how unpleasant it is to see them naked.

So naturists cannot find anything in Fiji?
Not really, you can still have a good time. You can find one or two areas with a nude feel or environment. For instance, look for Matava on Taveuni. They take their guests to a “honeymoon island” and let them be alone for a number of hours. This is an ideal opportunity for naturists to go all free. Unfortunately, this will last about four hours, utmost.
In the South Pacific, Tahiti is considered the most liberal area that accommodates naturism in Fiji. You can go topless in Tahiti because it considered normal. But you cannot be completely nude. However, you can spot a remote beach and go all natural without causing any problems.

Turtle Island

A number of naturists have visited Turtle Island and reviewed it as an ideal naturist destination within Fiji. Your accommodation or hotel can arrange for you to be taken there and just be your real self. This will cost you about two thousand U.S dollars or more per night.


This is an island in Micronesia. It I also referred to as the Island of Stone Money. The natives of this place go topless as part of a cultural event. To enjoy naturism in Fiji in its legal and natural setting, find out more about this island and join the natives.

Manta Ray Dive Resort

The resort has set apart a place for naturists. It is secluded and private and nudists frequent it.
Another way to enjoy naturism in Fiji would be to enjoy bures with “private plunge pools that are offered by many resorts. Here you can sunbathe privately in your deck and use the plunge pool to cool off. Some of the resorts with these facilities include Maravu, Koro Sun Resort, and Beqa Lagoon Resort. They have great prices. You can also use the roof top of your bures and nobody will bother you.

Find places to go nude in Fiji

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