Most people assume that Greeks are some of the most conventional people around. They may be, but you will be surprised to find out that Greek descendants appreciated nudism as a form of beauty. They appreciated natural human forms because they believed that Zeus himself sanctioned hospitality. On top of the cultural orientation, Greece is home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Put these two together and you have three naturist resorts among the best in Europe.

Find places to go nude in Greece

Is naturism legal in Greece?

There are few official and designated nudist beaches in Greece. Occasionally you find arrests and heavy fines by tourist police for nudists practising in unsanctioned beaches. In reality, you will find many beaches that have adopted naturism beach status by custom. Naturists and tourists make significant contributions to the economy. A couple of deserted sites are also good and safe for naturism. Naturism is widely practised in Greek islands, and it is a matter of preference. The rule here is ‘be sensible;’ do not offend locals and take note of location and seasons. The list of naturist resort and beaches is quite long, but you can start with these;

Vritomartis, South Crete

Vritomartis has been open to nudists since 1980. It is family-owned naturist hotel and it arguably tops the list of best naturist resorts in Europe. Here you get a chance to relive the Adam and Eve experience in the extensive gardens. What’s more, you can have your nudist wedding here! Yes, they will organise it for you. The hotel is connected to two private naturist beaches and you will rarely come across anyone with clothes here. You need not worry if you are coming with family. There are pools set aside for children separately from adults and there is a whole set of activities to enjoy.

Vassaliki Naturist Resort, Kefalonia

A couple from the UK –Mark and Samantha established Vassaliki in 2006. Since they are naturists, they successfully attracted peers and the resort became famous in a short time. They offer naturist luxury catamaran trips in the region of the Ionian island. It is a private resort with just 12 rooms and basic amenities.

Panorama, Zakynthos

It is also called zante, and it is on the southern tip of Zakynthos. It is owned by a friendly family and gives guests a home feeling. They are known for their signature traditional Greek food.

Banana Beach, Skiathos

It is popular with its nude and non-nude sunbathers. Its stretch of pebbles enchants and fresh spring waters are a real tourist attraction and long-term visitors.

Paradise and Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the oldest, yet congested, naturist-friendly beaches in Greece. It offers inexpensive summer ideas because of the neighbouring camping site. It is also famous for its 24-hour-long partying. Nudists can also have their lives adjacent to their fancy cocktails.

Find places to go nude in Greece

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