If you are looking for a naturist holiday, then Italy is where you should go! In a country where naturists make up about 23 percent of the population. With everything done with civility, Italian beaches are devoid of sex affairs, the guiding principle being free in nature and having a good time basking in the sun. But where did all this start?

Find places to go nude in Italy

Where it all started

Italy has always been associated with naturalism, as expressed in the art of Michelangelo Merisi and Annibelle Carracci. Known for their baroque art that was greatly influenced by naturism, the two created great art that is still admired by many. That was then!

Naturism today

In recent years, naturism is increasingly synonymous with nudism, the practice of walking around without clothes. In a European society that identifies more with liberalism, there seems to be a shift from deep-rooted culture and history towards modernity and its new ways of doing things. Although a devoutly Catholic country, Italy has fully accepted the concept of nudism and naturism tourism. As such Italians no longer recoil at the sight of a nudist gathering! They no longer see nudism as a sexual act, but as a way of living, comparable to vegetarianism, perhaps.
While most beaches in Italy are topless beaches, there are some which entertain nudity. Others don’t allow naturist tendencies. A good example is those found in Sardinia. Very few in this area are nudist beaches.

Topless beaches

These are beaches where men and women are allowed the option of walking around without upper body clothing. In Italy, most beaches are topless beaches as this is a norm. Women can go topless on most beaches mixed in with those who prefer covering the twos. This is not defined by any laws. Simply ask someone or look at what is going around before you decide to bare it.

Nude beaches

Here, people are legally free to walk around in their birthday suits. Generally secluded, they have signs stating they are nude beaches. It is essential that foreign tourists check out which beaches legally allow you to be naked, and which ones don’t. After all, you do not want to be caught on the wrong side of a foreign land’s law, do you?

The laws

In a 2006 law, Italy designated certain beaches as places where nudity is legal. The law requires that such beaches have signs stating that they are nude beaches. Therefore, avoid going nude on a public, overcrowded beach if you do not want to pay fines as hefty as €1200. This is because going naked isn’t necessarily the norm in Italy; it is exclusive.

Examples of nudist beaches

  • Capocotta Beach, Lazio. Almost a stone throw away from Rome, this beach has a dedicated nudist section 250 meters long.
  • Guvano Beach, Liguria. This beach lies between the Cinque Terre towns of Corniglia and Vernazza. It is popular for budget travelers and backpackers.

Aside from these two, there are tens of other nude beaches you can visit across Italy. Only ensure you are not caught on the wrong side of the law, as you go ahead baring it all!

Find places to go nude in Italy

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