You might have heard about Latvia before or watched the episode of Seinfeld a couple of times. What you may not have heard so far is that this country’s coast is more than 300 miles of pure, continuous Baltic beach. This is amazing given that it is just the size of West Virginia. Naturally, naturalists are very interested in this unadulterated scene that gives a refreshing time while allowing you to be just you. What is the status of naturism in Latvia?

Naturism is official in some Latvian beaches and resorts along the coast. In others, the law is silent on whether the nudism is allowed or not. As a result of the vague status, there are more unofficial naturist beaches than the official one. Altogether, nudism is well tolerated in all of them. Naturism in Latvia is a widespread culture that is well-accepted and practised even by children and families.

Naturist beaches in Latvia are managed by the Latvian Naturist Association. Vecāķi is the official naturist beach in the country. It is also the biggest and it is located north of Latvia’s capital. A portion of the beach is set aside for naturism and it spans on the shoreline to Kalngale. This shoreline is very popular among locals as a beach volleyball spot. I bet you will enjoy the sight of fellow naturists playing beach volleyball.

You can access this beach from Riga by taking the Riga-Saulkrasti railway line and alight at Vecāķi or bus Nr24 or small bus Nr200&224. If you are going there for the first time, a train is more convenient because you will not need to take another vehicle. The nude beach itself is stuck between two non-nudist public beaches, that is, Vecaki and Kalngale. This distance is about 30 min by walk. If you go by a train station from end to end the “official” beach side, it might take lesser time. As usual, there is no sign indicating nude beach, but you will spot people walking in their natural forms.

Incupe naturist beach is another endearing site for naturists shopping for a site in Latvia. It is a medium-sized a beach near the Saulkrasti railway line on the southern bank of the Inčupe River. This is approximately 50 km from Riga. Lielupe beach is yet another small and unofficial naturist beach which can be accessed through the left bank of the Lielupe river delta. Liepaja is also an unofficial naturist beach about 3 kilometres of Liepaja. It is quite small. If you are an adventurous kind, take a trip there and come back with the much-needed review. Still, you can also find another naturist beach in Ventspils city that is frequented by people that do not want the crowds of the larger official beach near the city.

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