Lithuania is one of the most exciting vacation destinies in Europe. Do not mind the short summer season that runs for around five months from May to September. Lithuanians have mastered the art of enjoying it to the fullest. It’s beautiful seaside resorts see an influx of 10 and sometimes even 100 times for the summer weekends. Innovators have also come with breathtaking new indoor developments to allow you go swimming in winter and ski in summer. Naturism has not been left behind because it is showing popularity among locals and tourists that visit to enjoy the unadulterated beaches.

Naturism is Lithuania is not official yet. The law is vague since it does not expressly condemn or allow nudity. It is classified under the freedom of expression and basic human rights. Naturism in Lithuania has not been tolerated without a fight. In 2009, a group of naturists aggressively lobbied the government to officially recognise naturism and put nudist posts on all official beaches. The government, however, remained adamant that naturist beaches should be excluded from the main beaches that are accessible to the public. It also opposed the idea of putting signs for naturist beaches and camps. In most beaches where nudism is tolerated, sexes are not allowed to mix.


Sunbath is a gender segregated naturist beach in Lithuania. This naturist beach has been around for the longest time even before the World War 2. During this period, the “uncivilised Lithuanians” would go to the beaches naked. However, after this period naturism did not become a new fad in Lithuania like in the West as expected. It did finally pick up and today there is a strong naturist movement in the country that would like to see naturism in Lithuania officialised.


Smiltyne, Lithuania is a world class nudist beach along the Coronian. Alongside this strip, there is a section set aside for different groups. From the tiny port at the peak, you can opt for the common beach, men’s beach, women’s beach and the naturist beach. The naturist beaches along the Smiltyne overlooking the Spit seem to be quieter than those dedicated to swimming at Juodkrante or Nida. This being the Baltic coast, during summer it is strictly swimming and sunbathing. However, starting June through to August the water is warm and the sands are clean.

Not everyone is nude at the naturist section. Some women are topless, while others discard their bikinis to sunbathe in the dunes at the beach top. Both sexes participate a lot in skinny dipping. Although naturism in Lithuania is unofficial you can enjoy yourself because you will find a large and interesting group with shared interests.

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