If you are a naturist yearning for an interesting vacation with lots of nude activities, New Zealand will interest you. It is the ideal destination for skinny-dipping and sunbathing along a gigantic coastline within small populace. The weather is conducive, and the summer comes with a scorching so that nude sunbathing feels heavenly.

What does the law say?

New Zealand law does not prohibit nakedness. However, it is illegal to go nude offensive or obscene motives. It is advisable to restrict yourself to naturist zones such as beaches, clubs or forest to avoid problems with authorities. Naturism is not restricted to the beaches; Kiwis and visitors go cloths-free in forests, lakes, streams and rivers.

Attitude towards naturism

Kiwis generally accept naturalism and most people do not have a problem with meeting nude people on the beach, secluded and reasonably remote areas. Nude and topless bathing is tolerable. However, they are not as liberal as Europe, so practice it discreetly and not on a busy beach or family-oriented relaxing areas.

Sometimes you might come across “gawkers” in the famous and most-frequented nudist beaches. These onlookers will not confront you because they are just curious. If you find it uncomfortable, simply move to another area that looks more discreet. Most popular naturist beaches are in the northern half of the North Island because of its warm weather. As you go deeper into the South, nudists are rare to spot except for the die-hard suckers.

Official naturist beaches

There are no official nude beaches in New Zealand. However, there are a number of famous and well-established nude and clothing-optional beaches. Most of them are found in Northland such as Auckland and the North Island from Tauranga because of the pretty warmer climate.

Naturist clubs

You can spot a number of them all over NZ. They are all private and open to members only, but they allow visitors from outside NZ. You must, however, show proof of interest and/or show the International Naturist Federation membership card.

Nude and clothing-optional NZ resorts

You can visit the Katikati Nature close near Tauranga in North Island. Enjoy a swimming pool, sauna, spa pool and different sports. It is open to public. Check out the Waiata Bay in Northland.


There are several clothing-optional bed and breakfast homestays all over NZ. Most are owned by naturists. In the north, you can stay at Bush Haven (Kerikeri) Serendipity Park in Maungaturoto and eden Naturally (Parau Bay). In auckland, check out Auckland Naturist Orewa, Outdoor Naturist Club, Sun Club, Counties Sun Club and Saxon Lodge in Hamilton.

Naturist associations

They are always willing to help with information

  • The New Zealand naturist federation – it is the official naturist association
  • Free beaches NZ – an association that promotes responsible naturism in NZ

The NZ Sun

NZ’s ferocious sun means you need to bring along strong and effective sunscreens. Do not come with anything less than SPF 30.

Nude Fun

This is one of the places nudism is well tolerated they even have some nude activities. For instance, you can watch Nude Blacks, the nude rugby team as they play in Dunedi.

Find places to go nude in New Zealand

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