The many beaches in Nicaragua are popular for a variety of reasons. Some of the beaches are popular for their lively resorts and fun packed holiday seasons while some beaches offer a getaway for nature lovers an avenue to shed some clothes and embrace nature.

Nudism on the beaches is a practice promoted by people with naturalistic ideas, who love nature, who want to escape from the conventional or artificial areas of populated urban areas.

In San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, many foreign tourists are promoting on social networks, especially Instagram, photos without clothes, always taking care not to show the private parts; therefore, they take some peculiar pose, so that social media support team does not sense the practice.

San Juan del Sur is not a lonely or dull place, on the contrary. Which explains a bit that the practice of nudism is a way of revealing itself to the culture that hides the beauty of the body or similar ideas.

In Nicaragua there is no culture of nudism, some users are shocked by the practice. If the nudist experience were to be promoted, the country has remote and beautiful beaches that give many conditions for this practice.

The naturist tourists who come to Nicaragua seek to leave or get away from the noise of their cities, they even try to forget the urban chaos of their countries, they seek in the sound of the sea to create a harmony between their breathing, their body, and nature.

One of the most important cases, happened last year, when travel bloggers Bianca and Brett, who write about their love and about the places they visit together, came to Nicaragua and took a nudist photo in front of a spectacular landscape of Giant beach in Tola Rivas.

“Life is more fun when you’re naked and you live life on the edge,” they said on Instagram, the tourists in love.

The practice of yoga without clothes in the sand allows a better oxygenation when breathing fresh air. This activity allows tourists to work with vitamins D in their bodies since when exposed to sunlight, the body produces them naturally.

Sunsets such as those seen in Playa Colorado, in the Bay of San Juan del Sur and in Playa Gigante just to mention a couple of examples, make available a greater union of body and mind, visualize the being with the universe, the immense sea, and inner peace.

The paradisiacal of Corn Island and the Island of Ometepe move them from constant relaxation to a spiritual development or state of ‘enlightenment’.

In Latin America, there are many countries that are characterized by the practice of nudism in the sunlight of the beach, among which Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay stand out.

Brazil is the country with the most nudist beaches on the continent. There is so much demand that there is a Brazilian Federation of Nudism.

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