With all the beauty of Seychelles, naturists would not want to be left out in enjoying the sunny beaches and breath-taking sceneries. Unfortunately, you can only go clothing-free in a secluded and private setting to avoid rubbing the authorities the wrong way. Here is all you need to know about naturism in Seychelles.

Legal status of naturism

Nudism is illegal in Seychelles. It is not a suggested destination for naturists and nudists. It is inappropriate to wear a bikini when riding a public bus or when walking around the village.

What are the available options for naturists in Seychelles?

Even though there are no official naturist beaches, and nudism is not tolerated, you will still find solitary beaches for sunbathing or any other nude activity. There are some popular joints for naturism in Seychelles, and so you can spot a number of them.

1. Anse Lazio, on Praslin Island, Seychelles.
This one-kilometre beach is covered in big granite boulders on either end. The white sand is hard and compact. The most appropriate time for nudism is during clear skies and calm seas when the moonlight is clear or on a full moon. There are no buildings on this island except for one restaurant that is allowed to operate during the day.

Getting to Anse Lazio is not easy. From Mahe, you can take a small 14-seater plane to Praslin. From here you can get a car to complete the 5-kilometer distance to the Anse Lazio or just walk. The sunset view reminds is the real paradise lost for naturism.

2. Moyenne Island in Ste Anne Marine National Park
This is a newly found haven for naturists. It is not official.

PS: since the crowds go home early for dinner, you can have the famous beaches to yourself past 5 pm.

Find places to go nude in Seychelles

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  1. Lenny


    I am from Seychelles. I think your article is wrong. Firstly there is not such place called Ikaria in Seychelles.
    And as for nudism, topless is ok everywhere. Nudism is frowned upon but nothing much will happen to you. Most locals will just smile and move on. The authorities might of course tell you to put your clothes back on. Best place to go nude are on more secluded beaches or on the outer islands. The Intendance Beach on the North Coast of the main island is an unofficial nude beach.

    1. spotnaked Listing Owner

      Thanks for your comment – I will fix the information about Ikaria. The article was not written by me and I haven’t checked if the information was true.

      Thanks for the extra information 🙂

  2. Stacy Adams

    Make sure next time you go naked to check everything before put anything somewhere.

  3. SKI

    Hey, We as couples are going to Seychelles by 3rd wk dec and would like to have some fun on the beach. Also can u suggest some place where erotic massage for us is possible. Which clubs are the most happening in Mahe for some fun..

  4. Sandi G

    Intendance beach ? Mahe. North coast ?? …thought that beach, south west coast next to Banyan Tree Resort.

    Is there another Intendance beach ? Cannot find it on any maps …
    Would be interested to know of any other naturist/nudist beaches around the Seychelles ( NOT Swingers/ fun seekers). Just like being without clothes in beautiful warm parts of the world, without offending any one else.
    I /we are members
    of BN (Brit Naturism..)

  5. MarcNude

    Intendance Beach is definitely South-West and too much people to go naked. Best places to go full naked are Police Bay in the South of Mahe, or even more secluded the small beach east of Police Bay. Some walking needed, but you have chances to be alone. Anse Capucin is another good spot if you’re ready to work 45-60 minutes in the jungle, also the waves make the beach somehow dangerous. Finally, Anse du Riz, North of Bay Ternay, with a boat as reaching it by foot is almost impossible.

    1. MarcNude

      Edit to my previous answer – Anse Bazarca is another great spot, particularly at the far side where you can actually bath (no corals). Police Bay does not seem to be reachable anymore as the road is gated. Petite Police still accessible though, but Bazarca definitely better.