In actual fact, there is no law against nudity in Spain. Technically, you can go anywhere nude in the country. However, you should understand that you should restrict your nudity to only beaches and vacation resorts. Naturism or nudity is widely practised on numerous beaches in Spain.

Technically, there is no beach termed as nudist beaches but the bathers in the beach will determine. When you get to any beach you are likely to meet bathers there already. They should be some sort of guide for you. If they are not completely naked, it means nudism might be odd on that beach but if you find them stark naked, you are free to remove your clothes too.

Some of the beaches where complete nudity is accepted have been outlined below.

Find places to go nude in Spain

Els Muntanyans

This location offers a chain of dunes that stretch for almost 2 kilometres. There is a very quiet area reserved for people who require serenity. They can just lie down quietly for hours listening to the sound of the waves. This area is believed to be the most relaxing spot in that location.

To access the place, you have to park your car near the Cal Bofill Environmental Activity Center and then you will take about 10-minute walk behind the dunes to get to the nudist area. For visitors that may want to have a sumptuous meal or just a taste of local cuisine, there is El Vaixell. It is a very good restaurant located there.

Playa de los Alemanes

This beach is also known as the beach of the Germans. It is believed that the Germans who work at a nearby mine visit the beach regularly. It is about the most beautiful nudist beach in Lugo Province. Bathing is enjoyed when the tide is going down. To get there, you need to get to Burela first. Then you can park your car in Areoura.

You will pass through a path that lies in between several homes. Lugar do Sixto is the only restaurant in the location and it is located about three kilometres away from the location.

There are several other nudist locations in Spain where naturists can go and enjoy themselves. The few mentioned above were just selected randomly. Once again, nudity or naturism is legal in the whole of Spain. There is no known law that outlaws it. So, you are free to go nude in any of the beaches.

Find places to go nude in Spain

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