A big part of the naturist lifestyle centres around the desire to participate in either family or social nudity. As a whole, naturism is a way of life that tries to harmonise the people with nature; it is characterised by a wide practice of nudism which may be personal, familial or even social. It is a practice often done on a communal scale with the aim of achieving core and basic human purposes. It looks to encourage humans, to pick up a healthy degree of respect for each other, respect for one’s self and very importantly, a deep and profound respect for the preservation of the environment.

While the practice of naturism may have gained traction over the years, it still remains a greatly frowned upon tradition in some countries. The Philippines is not left out in this. Being a conservative country, it is not particularly reputed as a nudism unfriendly region. As a matter of fact, public nudity is an illegal act in the Philippines and all naturists must take great caution to only attend special regions and locations where provisions are made for the lifestyle. While they may be a few Asian countries where social nudity is accepted, it is not always the norm and is widely rejected by most cultures as being caught may require a fine according to local laws.

Places to go nude

However, even with this legal restriction, there are a few well known exquisite locations where public nudity is allowed and accepted as common practice. While some of them are considered as nude beaches and resorts others are taken as clothing optional beaches. One of such popular locations is the freedom beach located in Boracay and is a naturist beach where nudity is allowed and can only be accessed by boats. Other good locations include Fridays Island located in EL Nido and China Sea Island located in Banyan Island.

Although nudity is not officially tolerated in the country, there are several beaches and island were nudists can go to enjoy nature and participate in nude sunbathing, nude swimming and even take their clothes off and lay naked till sunset. Other locations that are very suitable include, Ternate beach resort located in Maragondon Cavite, the Calatagan Burot beach, the Lian Matabungkay beach, the Nasugbu Bamboo beach, and a few other similar places.

All of these are mostly secluded locations and are often devoid of people giving way for naturists to explore their true self. Any nudist looking for exciting locations to visit or having problems locating these spots listed above should visit the Boracay Island as there are several places provided for the lifestyle. One must often take special care, as even though nudity may be widely practised, it is not the norm in the Philippines.


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  1. Grevile Constantine

    To read of Nude beaches in the Phillipines is VERY encouraging!! It shows that this wonderful lifestyle is being EMBRACED by VARIOUS people around the World!! Body Acceptance IS becoming the Norm!!

  2. Geoffrey Stevens

    As an expatriate Australian nudist now living in Mindanao with my Filipina wife, I understand the need for care when going nude, and I have not yet been to any locations here where it has been possible to go nude outdoors. However, I am nude at home almost all the time, and my wife and her family accept my lifestyle without any problems. In fact, my wife loves me going nude because she has less laundry and we also have a lower electricity bill because I don’t need to use the air conditioner! Our next-door neighbors also know I’m nude at home and have no problems with that. There are a few secluded spots around the coast here in Mindanao, so it is possible that having a skinny-dip somewhere will happen for me. It’s something I miss!

  3. Jonathan Spector

    There’s a beach very close to us here, Dipolog, in north-western Mindanao that is huge, so long (10kms) , and almost empty of any visitors; there is no problem for clothes-free sunbathing and swimming.

    Thanks to a historical event, the Dipolog airport runway was laid down in a big hurry back in 1943, parallel to the beach, which means that about 2 kms or more of beach-front is more or less closed off to the public.

    Except, of course that all beaches, everywhere in Philippines enjoy free public access (I think that’s enshrined in Republic Act #9130)

    So off you go, walk maybe 100m along; get your kit off, get an all-over tan! It might be technically illegal; it might be right next door to the Philippine National Police Camp; but in reality it’s all quite ok!

    Enjoy. Advice: wear rubber sandals if nothing else – there are a few sharp bits here and there

    PS – We also run a naturist-friendly B&B nearby, with a good size private pool – look for ‘JM Compound’ on the web.

  4. Jonathan Spector

    Well you need to work a little bit, to explore maybe make some extra effort to travel around a bit further, beyond all the usual too much over-crowded tourist places…

    My wife and I used to live in Iligan City, in another district of Northern Mindanao. where we explored all around, discovering many wonderful natural waterfalls and steep-flowing rivers, all lined round with dense natural forests of bamboo and palms. Awesome settings – for some great free alfresco sex – then bathe yourselves afterwards in the cool fresh pool streams!

    Using our own car, it was not at all difficult to seek out some very private “secret” places, which very few others had found, for some naked swimming and private pleasure; great outdoor fun can be had, without that much effort!

  5. Geoffrey Stevens

    I understand what you mean Jonathan!

    My wife and I live uphill from Cagayan de Oro City, in Barangay Lumbia. I don’t drive here, nor does my wife, and currently she is working 6 days a week, so there has not been much opportunity to seek out some nudist-friendly places.

    We have a small farm in Libertad as well, uphill from the coast there, and I suspect there may be some places even on or around our property where it may be possible to go nude.

    I checked out your B&B on Facebook, and it looks really good! When i looked at the photos, I noticed that one of my wife’s adult daughters had liked one of the photos of the kids nude in the pool. As far as I am aware, she and her family have not tried nudism, but as I mentioned before, my wife’s family seem to be tolerant at least of the fact that i prefer to go nude.

    Perhaps when finances allow and we are looking for a little time away from home, I can drop a hint to my wife about your B&B and it may also be an opportunity to get her to try outdoor nudity as an adult. She did swim nude in the river as a child up in Bukidnon, which of course was quite common practice.

  6. Jonathan Spector

    My wife and I used to live near Cagayan de Oro, a few years ago, in Talakag, Bukidnon, close by the upper reaches of the Cagayan river. There were some lovely very secluded pools and waterfalls running into the main river, which we found ideal for naked swimming and relaxation.
    Local kids also swam naked there every day, after school. All was all free and relaxed, but beware – the main part of the Cagayan River is dangerous, with strong currents, and not suitable for swimming; people are drowned every year.
    However, these days, we are based in Dipolog City, in our new house, where we’ve built a 3 meter high windowless wall, all around; inside our walls we can do whatever we want!
    You are most welcome to visit anytime. As our Facebook page says, it’s all ‘clothing optional’ – no rules; wear anything, or wear nothing at; it’s up to you!
    The bus fare from Cagayan to Dipolog really affordable; less than P500 per person; it’s a very regular service, day and night.

  7. Geoffrey Stevens

    What an interesting connection Jonathan!

    My wife was born in Baungon, and she has relatives all over Bukidnon province. She works as a traveling saleswoman for electrical appliances and spends every Friday and Saturday in and around Talakag. Yes, we also understand the dangers of the current in the Cagayan de Oro River. She told me that she once rescued her mother and one of her sisters when they were almost swept into an “ilo-ilo” (whirlpool) in the river.

    I’m sure Helly my wife would aware of some remote spots where we could swim naked, but she is so busy at present that she is actually only home on most Sundays. Often during the week she does not come home until the next morning and then is off to work again a couple of hours later. I hold the fort here in Lumbia and am naked at home most of the time. If I have to go outside at our house I put on a pair of boxer shorts. I only dress fully if going further afield.

    When I viewed the photos of your B&B I was very impressed. Helly is also very familiar with bus travel around Northern Mindanao, and her birthday comes up in November, and mine in December, so I’ll drop her a hint about your place. It might also be an opportunity for her to discover social nudism. I’m her first contact with the nude lifestyle, and even with me it’s very rare for her to go nude.

    I checked the map for Dipolog and I saw what you talked about with the location of the airport. I haven’t read the history about its construction but my guess would be it was built quickly in 1943 at the height of the Pacific War. The Japanese were occupying the Philippines then. I saw a documentary online recently and a Japanese fleet sailed by the west coast of Mindanao on the way to a major battle with the Allies in the Philippine Sea around the Marianas Islands. I saw a photo of the airstrip there and could see the beach running parallel behind it.

    Hopefully I can persuade Helly to visit your place!

  8. Jonathan Spector

    The historical past was not a happy time for most Filipinos, who (unlike the British) try not to reminisce on and on about it; also it’s a very young country – the vast majority of Filipinos weren’t born until well after the war had all ended.
    I was shocked when I looked at my niece and nephew’s new school text books, which I thought gave a highly distorted account of those times…
    Our local Dipolog airport was first built by the Japanese in 1942, then taken over by the American military in 1944, who quickly extended the runway for their massive bombers, preparing for a huge assault on Japan – which then never happened, following Hiroshima and the Japanese surrender.
    All very quiet and peaceful these days, than goodness! Only now invaded by thousands of Japanese and Chinese tourists, seeking cheap holidays in the sun!

  9. Geoffrey Stevens

    Yes Jonathan, much different these days here! Not even much danger anymore from the Maute, although the PNP have been on high alert here in Mindanao recently (Helly has a cousin who is a PO2, and he is a good mate of mine these days).

    I’m sure the Chinese and Japanese tourists head to Chow King and Harbor Lights a fair bit! I recently discovered that after the Japanese soldiers fled Cagayan de Oro in May 1945 as the Americans liberated the city, about 200 of them took off into the mountains in Bukidnon and about 38 survived for 2 years before giving up. During the time they were there, they ate about 70 Higaonon tribespeople (yes, we are talking cannibalism). My wife Helly is a Higaonon tribeswoman via her mother’s side of the family. She is also the Representative for Cultural Minorities in Barangay Guimbaloron in Talakag.

    I guess this is off-topic stuff, nothing about nudism, but it’s interesting how the history of a place has an impact. Swimming nude in the river would have been a very common practice among the Higaonon people because both bathing and laundry were done in the river. I’ve occasionally seen the same thing in the Cagayan de Oro River, and Helly used to do her laundry in the river when her children were young and they had no electricity.

  10. Jonathan Spector

    Well, you are welcome to visit us at any time, even if your wife is too busy to stop by for too long!
    Although my own wife is a sincere, practising Catholic, she’s also very tolerant, and very understanding of other people’s different behaviours and attitudes.
    Not everyone automatically follows what the Catholic Pope & Church says or does, these days – their own reputation has been slightly tarnished recently…
    As I mentioned, the bus fare really isn’t really that expensive, if you can find P500 (each way) for a trip. Ask, and the bus driver will drop you off, right by the PNP Police Camp, just outside Dipolog City. They will know exactly where to stop – they drive up and down this hi-way everyday.
    Look for JM Compound’s blue front door, just around the corner, right next to Seaborne Container; we will welcome you straight in!

    Then, pull off all your clothes and relax in our big blue pool!

  11. Jonathan Spector

    Yes I agree it’s all completely off the orginal topic; but never mind!
    Filipinas normally wash and bathe, more or less fully clothed and properly dressed – even washing in a river
    Filipinas are very careful, very conservative, and very private in their own personal habits and behaviour.
    The Catholic Church went all around, hundreds of years ago, telling everyone; and that message hasn’t ever yet changed.

  12. Geoffrey Stevens

    Ah yes Jonathan! The Catholic Church, and particularly Spanish Catholicism, had a heavy effect on the mores of the Filipinos. both my wife and I are Catholics, but not strict as some are here.

    As for bathing, my wife will strip down to panties and wrap herself in a towel when going to the bathroom, unlike me who of course goes in and out naked. Usually after bathing she may be topless for a little while when it’s only myself and her in the house. She will bathe nude with me sometimes when time allows.

    I’m still trying to understand why she will complain about the heat and humidity when she comes home from work, but instead of just getting all her gear off, she takes off her bra and changes to something loose. As well, unlike me who always sleeps nude, she always sleeps clothed. I guess it comes down to the Filipina conservatism you mentioned. She is, however, rather playful, and enjoys the fact that I am nude at home. She will insist I put on my boxer shorts if someone is coming around, but on a few occasions I have had a surprise visit from her eldest daughter when I was nude at home, and I made no effort to cover up. She seemed to handle those occasions well, and we just had a normal conversation. My wife knows about these occasions. I think that just underscores the general tolerance of the family, and I take note of the fact that your wife is obviously similar.

    The fact that your B&B is clothing optional is a good thing. It means she can stay clothed or just go topless if she wants, but potentially may become comfortable with full nudity with others over time. I’ve been nude in company many times, both at nude beaches in Australia, and at clothing optional resorts. My first wife, who passed away in 2015, was completely opposed to nudism, and would not allow me to go nude at home. Of course, whenever the occasion arose that I was home alone, I would get my gear off!

  13. Jonathan Spector

    Well my own wife, who was born right here in Dipolog City, constantly complains about all the heat and the temperature.
    I always tell her every day: simply behave like an old carabao; get in the water to cool off!
    We have a really good-sized swimming pool; it’s 5m wide x 12m long – filled with 17,000 litres of cool rain-fed water; free to use any time – jump in, even at dawn, across the terrace, direct from your bedroom!
    But my wife never follows me; she prefers to stay on the hot terrace, and grumble and complain about all the heat…
    Quite madness, in my humble opinion!
    Personally, I follow the old caribou example; my habit is to jump in, bare-naked, and enjoy it with a big splash, direct from our bedroom… visit us here, then you can do exactly the same – if you wish to

  14. Jonathan Spector

    My wife was born right here in Dipolog, Mindanao.

    But she needed no persuasion to get naked, when seeing others doing the same thing. We have enjoyed staying at naturist beach resorts in the south of France, in Spain, even as far as Hungary (in Eastern Europe)

    So when we constructed our own new place, I was sure it could be clothes optional, right from the start.

    Next year our new property development opens in Valencia, Dumaguete City, where we are also building a nice big wall around the pool. There will be more villas and apartments to rent.

    None of them will really need the blessing of the local Catholic priest!

  15. Geoffrey Stevens

    Ha ha sounds great Jonathan!

    Yes I am an old carabou! Mooooooooooooo!!!

    I’d be hopeful as well that my wife will get naked too when she sees others do the same!

  16. H&N

    Hi you guys: We just read your comments while searching for nudist areas in the Philippines. Very interesting what you wrote and so true.
    We are a mixed couple and my wife is a nudist as well. Sure not as long as I am since I grew up in that lifestyle. But in the past years we traveled a lot overseas and of course we always preferred places where there was a nude beach. Either in the US or in Europe.
    Since that topic is rather complicated in the Philippines, we are opening a Clothing Optional Private Resort here in the southern tip of Cebu.
    Overlooking the Ocean on a big piece of land with neighbors far away. We’ve built a big pool with a very private area for clothing optional and all fenced in. As well as a new guest house with two oversized, luxurious rooms to rent. We will open in the next weeks and hope to attract some people who are looking for that lifestyle.
    Your B&B gives us some hope, we are happy to see others doing the same.
    If you’d like to get in contact just Email at: lifestylecebu@gmx.com

  17. mando

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  18. Mamdo

    Hope to know some houses or hostels for clothing optional in phillipe

  19. mando

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