You will be forgiven for assuming that naturism was born and bred in the former Iron Curtain economy of Ukraine. You could say it is the long winters or the recent long history with meagre living that turned this cheap, effortless past time of naturist amusement into such a thrilling and sought after experience. Or perhaps it could be that people around here know a good thing when they see it. Whichever way you look at it, Ukraine has made a name for itself among naturism enthusiasts.

Naturism in Ukraine is official and generally accepted culture both for locals and tourists. However, along with the beaches, there are policemen looking out for individuals with sexual inclinations especially on official naturist and public beaches. Since naturism is well-accepted, there is a wide range of activities to enjoy here even as groups. You can go savage as an adult nudist couple, a farm tractor that accommodates kids, skin diving, skinny dipping, photography or just watching other nudists.

Family naturism

Naturism in Ukraine is so popular such that it is one of the few places you can take a whole family for a naturist vacation. Look at the Ukrainian Nudist Farm Tractor for instance, which is not just for adults. It is a place where no clothes are required. Families come together to enjoy different activities with a unique and natural touch.


Chkalovo Beach is the official naturist beach in the city of Odessa on the coast of the Black Sea. It is the most famous vacation beach in Ukraine. It is located a few kilometres from the city centre. Many women go topless while most males prefer being fully nude. It has a huge population of young people compared to most nudist beaches. During holidays, more than 500 people frequent the beach. There is a small bar where you can be served hot sandwiches, beer, and cool soft drinks. Evening entertainment in Odessa city is also good.

The price of accommodation can vary between $20 and $80 for double occupancy. There are several sanatoriums that can change around $30-$50 without meals and some are accessible from the nude beach. For best deals, inquire about lodgings at the railway station. You will come across people offering rental rooms for different parts of the city. If you are specifically interested in a settling near a naturist beach, ask for lodgings on “the French parkway.”

Other places to go nude

Naturism in Ukraine does not stop with Chkalovo Beach and Koktebel. You can also check out Kyiv Dovbychka and Sobache Hyrlo Bay. Kyiv Dovbychka is the most famous naturist beach in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. It is approximately 4 km from the city centre. Sobache Hyrlo Bay is where most naturists get together at the southern end of the beach.

Take note of Ukraine’s rules on registration of visitors. Foreigners should register at their place for a temporary stay within 24 hours. If you put up in a hotel or pension, the administration should register for you because the accommodation charges is inclusive of the fee. If you are renting from private landlords, remember to pay a registration fee of $2.

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