In spite of still being a new concept in Vietnam, naturism has caught up and became a fast accepted freedom among visitors and some locals. The land of waterfalls and gorgeous sunsets has a lot to offer naturists. Here is what to expect in Vietnam.

Law and naturism

Naturism is not allowed in Vietnam. The government once banned a naked painting terming it as a violation of the Vietnamese values in 2008. A lot has changed since, and as much as naturism is not official, it is tolerated. Actually, before the mid-2000s, naturist beaches and resorts were not established, and naturists had a hard time finding somewhere where they could have fun and relax. However, you can still have fun and meet other naturists in Vietnam as long as you restrict yourself to the designated areas and outside the public places.

Where to visit as a naturist in Vietnam

Surprisingly, visitors imported naturism to Vietnam, and the locals are increasingly embracing it especially for foreigners. Generally, they are tolerant, and some hotels owners have set aside a number of resorts, islands and sections of beach hotels for naturism enthusiasts.

Here are a number of places you can visit and get naturist accommodation

Red River’s middle bank

If you have visited and looking for a good place for a nude bath, try the alluvial ground in the middle of the Red River. This alluvial became famous for naturist baths ten years ago. It is unique for naturism in that it is open-air.

Vung Bau Beach, Phu Quoc Island

This is the most famous nudist secluded beach on the coast of the large island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc. The soft sand, cool waters, and unadulterated natural environments are the exact nudist environment that you are looking for. Tourists can have a nude bath on the beaches or under the waterfalls in some small and uninhabited islets surrounding the main island. There are 21 islets of this kind. The most celebrated nude beach is on An Thoi peninsula.

Stay on Phu Quoc Eco Beach Resort (not naturist)

Son Tra Peninsula

It is found in the central city of Da Nang. The beautiful peninsula boasts of long and white sandy beaches that are crowned with pictorial landscapes and primordial forests. There are so much history and myths surrounding this place. Naturists can enjoy nude baths on the small beaches, which are concealed by rock-top.

Find a place to stay in Da Nang

Bach Ma Mountain

This land of waterfalls is ideal for naturists. You can have nude baths at Ngu Ho and enjoy a massage bath at Bac, Tri Sao, Truot and Thuy Dien waterfalls.

Gia Long Waterfall

This high and beautiful waterfall has a lake and is surrounded by jungle, just what you need for a romantic and naturist getaway.


Some of the above naturist attractions in secluded areas may not offer accommodation. There are nearby tourist resorts and motels for accommodation where you can put up and visit the waterfalls and islands.

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