Although the naturist movement has been slowly catching on in the Western world, it is still considered illegal in India. If caught baring it in public, you can be fined or punished for it. Yet nudists have discovered certain spots on the Indian coastline, which they frequent. As it were, India has a vast coastline and some of the best beaches in the world! It might surprise you that there are nude beaches in India, yet not everyone really knows about them. So if you have no problem baring it all in public, here are five places in India you can find like-minded people.

Find places to go nude in India

Paradise Beach, Gokarna

This nude beach is so hidden that you can only reach it by boat. Yet it’s not just a matter of making up your mind and you will be on a boat ride headed here. You’ll really need some first class convincing skills to have a boatman agree to bring you here. The reason for the hesitation of the boatmen are the hippies who like to sunbathe while baring it all. If ever you managed to reach here, be sure to find one of the most beautiful beaches with clear blue water and soft sand.

Om Beach, Gokarna

Om Beach is named so because of its shape that looks like the Hindu symbol. It is the second nude beach in Gokarna. This beach is quite popular and has water sports activities as well. However, it is also known as a nude beach where you can go to get a suntan. You will spot people lying on the buff, completely cloth-less.

Agatti Island, Lakshadweep

This beach is mainly known as a topless beach but be sure to find a number of total nudists. The beach has an untouched beauty that’s bound to take your breath away. It is complete with coconuts, palm trees, white sands, and coral reefs. If you are headed for a nude holiday here, you might require permission, so ensure you arrange for it.

Ozran Beach, Goa

For the smallest state in India, Goa has many hidden gems that a lot of people don’t know about. One such hidden treasure is the Ozran Beach, which is also known for its hippie nude crowd. It’s mostly thronged by foreigners, yet not easily accessible – you have to go over a hill to get here. Compared to the other beaches in Goa, it is relatively clean and more secluded. You can easily access it via Anjuna or Vagator.

Marari Beach, Kerala

If you are looking for beautiful backwaters, then come to Kerala. And not just that, it has a hidden nude beach too! You can relax and enjoy suntan on the sand in the buff on Merari Beach which is not just secluded but also appears untouched by the effects of pollution. This beach is so isolated that you cannot find many people around. Hence, you can go nude without raising eyebrows.

Find places to go nude in India

Just a reminder, Public nudity is still illegal in India! Thus, you should work to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

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    I’m interested
    Can you able say where I can stay & cost

    If possible please send some photographs

  2. Sabu

    Have any nude group activities in south India? Any secret movement in India for nudism?
    Prefer family nudism

    1. Nandu

      I would like to be a part in nudist meetup. If no meetup camps are not available we have to create a new.

  3. aryan

    hi, me and my girlfriend are visiting goa on 28th of this month, any couple who would wish to join us in exploring new dimensions can mail me on

  4. Sameer

    Hello friends me and my wife both are naturist can anybody suggest us any nude places(resort,hotels,beach etc) we r from Punjab mob. 8699720187

  5. Sameer

    Hi friends me and my wife both are naturist can anybody suggest us any nude place in India (hotels,resort,beaches etc)we are from Punjab mob 8699720187 couples can company us

  6. Nandu

    I would like to be a part in nudist meetup. If no meetup camps are not available we have to create a new.

  7. Radha

    We are couple from Pune we tried the Gokarna beaches which are mentioned above. But on Om beach there was crowd of Indians, even in both the corners. We tried to swim on bikini like foreigners over there, but everybody was staring. Then we visited Paradise beach. This beach is accessible by hilly road, you will have to walk for two K M. It is also accessible by boat. There are small stall of snacks and cold drinks, run by local people. they keep on watching you. On this lonely beach there is big rock, we could enjoyed nude swimming behind this rock but for very short period. Tourist are continuously coming by boat for visiting beach and going back. Boat man allows them twenty to thirty minutes. We found only one couple, they were from France, lady was swimming in bikini.
    We enjoyed lot in Nude resort of Pattaya, Thailand. I think that type of resort or beach is not there in India. If anybody knows please share the information

    1. thomacha david

      Hai, am david from kerala, paradise beach is good, but as you mentioned, its not good for fully naked swimming, because there are shacks run by local people, we tried all this and finally ended up at butterfly beach, and half mood beach is also good, but you need two couples to go over ther, since its secluded and you have to take a boat, nice to hear that you guys enjoyed nude resort in pattaya, we are also trying to go there, did you stay in chan resort, can you share us your experience,

    2. Imran Mansuri

      Thx Radha for the information. There is one beach near Gujarat where u can go nude as there r only some local fishermen who don’t bother.

      If u r interested we can go there and enjoy nudism.

      1. spotnaked Listing Owner


        Do you have further info about the location of the beach?

        Kind Regards

  8. Anonymous

    I am an Indian nudist living in Germany.. There are many nude gatherings here.. If anyone can make the trip here then I will be happy to host and also show you around.. Contact me at –

  9. Funlover1001

    Im single male and I would like to be part of nude meet up. Looking purely to experience nudity and meet & respect good friendship from fellow members. Kindly let me know if there is any. Thanks

  10. rahul

    I am a practising nudist male: would love to be a part of nudist gathering, group or with couple. Catch me up on my id:

  11. Neeraj Berry

    Social Nudism is not allowed at India. Though there are some discreet nude meet ups by Indian nudists. But in case you want to explore nudism you can try a place (a beach) at Goa. Please email me and I will share the details in private.

    1. Pramodh

      Hey Neeraj i am Pramodh from Hyderabad. Please let me know the details of the nudist beach in goa, i would like to visit with my wife.

  12. Rahul Khanna

    Hi I am Rahul and interested to join ur group.

  13. karl zee

    hi my name is karl: i am trying to organise a meetup in thailand for like minded nudists, single or couples. it will be sometime in april or july 2020 for 10 days. if anyone is interested please let me know on

  14. suman

    hi this is suman nudist from kolkata female nudist from kolkata join me on my whatsapp 9123618538

  15. Danny

    All the above mentioned beaches you cannot go nude anymore there are many Indians visiting the place they take pictures when foreigners wear a bikini itself. My gf from Germany was quite irritated in om beach and gokarana. Paradise beach is the same boatmen bring groups of people there alot of young men and take them back in 1/2 hour. There were some 10 or more hippies around only one girl was in her bikini who went for a short swim. I guess they planned to camp overnight, As it was getting little dark 5:30 they all got fully nude and went for a swim we did that too… Surprisingly three girls and three boys all Indians trekked up the hillock and got there at 6:30 everyone put their clothes back on.
    Fortunately the Indian guys moved to the other end and all the girls and guys got naked and went for a swim they didn’t bother about the rest.
    But it’s very insecure if your not in a group solo travellers and even couples should avoid. We wouldn’t have stayed if those hippies didn’t.

    Marari beach Kerala was the only place we found a 50+ nude couple there but my gf decided not to go nude not even topless because there were some Indian guys loitering about.
    Guys stay away from these beaches you ll never know when someone calls up law enforcement because it’s getting crowded by the day.

  16. Raja

    Hi.. please add me in the group and keep updating too about the nude places and nude beaches in India