In many areas around the globe, finding a good spot to visit and relax as a naturalist can be quite challenging. With this article, we will look at the area of Portugal. Located in Southwestern Europe, this is one of the most desired hot spots to visit whether you are a naturalist or not. Biking, surfing and boating are popular activities when vacationing in this country. While this is a perfect spot for the general public to visit, the naturalist tends to look a little deeper than the basic travel destinations consider.

The importance of finding an area you can visit and be comfortable in your lifestyle is a high priority for those who are naturalists. Portugal has many wonderful places to be able to relax and be yourself without the worry of breaking the law or being ostracised for your choice to be comfortable in your own skin.

Portugal does not have a law against nudity, though the naturalist needs to be considerate of where and when they decide to live their chosen lifestyle. Just like any other lifestyle choice, consideration of others is always an important decision in your vacation choice. That being said, Portugal has numerous beaches to visit without fear of being ostracised or feeling like the only people around comfortable in a naturalist lifestyle.

Find places to go nude in Portugal

Tonel beach

While the entire coastal area of Portugal is breathtaking, there are certain spots for consideration that are more suited to a relaxed, comfortable vacation spot for you. The most beautiful area perfect for the naturalist in Portugal is probably a beach called Tonel beach. There, the rocks and beach intermingled, and the water is a bright beautiful blue colour.

Alteirinhos Beach

If you are looking for an area where you can interact with others that live the naturalist lifestyle the beach you want to visit, you will want to go to the secret Alteirinhos Beach. Many visitors come to this stretch of shoreline because it is not as crowded as some other beaches in the area. While it appears that arriving at this shoreline may be a bit more tricky than other areas, many believe it is well worth it and there are more naturalists at this beach than found at some of the others.

Malhao Beach

Another stretch of beach in Portugal that is very breathtaking is the Malhao Beach. This area of water though seems to consist of quite strong currents so if swimming is a large part of your itinerary, another beach may be a better choice for you. If that is not a big decision making the aspect of your vacation, this may be the perfect spot for you. It is another area with areas of rock and beach interspersed throughout the shoreline.

Whatever area you decide to visit, as a naturalist your choices in Portugal are great. Don’t forget to sample some of the amazing food and cities on your trip as well, and enjoy the comfort of living the naturalist lifestyle.

Find places to go nude in Portugal

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