Curacao is a beautiful island country located in the southern Caribbean Sea. The population is only 150000 on an area of 444 km2 (171 sq mi) with a capital called Willemstad.

With a tropical climate and an average temperature on 27°C (80°F) year round and with a blue sea that offers a nice cooling down, it is the perfect place for naturism. Unfortunately, public naturism is not allowed on Curaçao – but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t practised.

Topless sunbathing

Topless sunbathing is seen on most beaches in the resort areas, but not on resort ground. Please note that this is not permitted by law, but is tolerated in the resort areas.

Clothing optional resort

There is only one nude resort in the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) and it is located on Curacao. The resort is called “The Natural Curacao” and it is a clothing optional resort for everyone who loves nature and who is fond of peace and quiet, and doesn’t like mass tourism.

The resort is eco-friendly and is located in a beautiful place at Curacao with an outstanding view, and where the trade winds make sure that the temperature is perfect.

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