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Denmark is actually a good place for naturist beaches, many beaches has nice sand and nudity is actually allowed on all public beaches as long you show consideration and respect for other people.

Below you will find a list beaches in Denmark which is popular among naturists.

Sjælland / Zealand

Tisvilde Beach, Sjælland / Zealand
The beach east of StænGeHuS recommended as one of the best nude beaches. Here is a stretch of more than half a kilometer with lots of naturists – young, old, men, women and families with children.

Brøndby Strand, Copenhagen, Sjælland / Zealand
Beach near the capital, offering a wide and beautiful nude bathing section with beautiful sand dunes and water. Plenty of room and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Vesterlyng, Sjælland / Zealand
The beach is near a protected area where cows and horses roam freely. Drive to Havnsø and then on to Vesterlyng. On Vesterlyng there are three side roads to the beach, and it is the third driving down.

Bøtø forest, Lolland-Falster, sourth of Zealand
By Bøtø forest there are two beaches with small dunes, which are recommended for nude bathing. Depending on wind direction, you can find shelter on the east or west side of Falster.


Den Permanente, Aarhus
There is a fine nude beach just south of the Baths “Permanent” north of Aarhus. Velow the restaurant there is a Bath, which is marked on the map. From Aarhus you can either ride north along the harbor, past the fishing harbo.

Ballehage, Aarhus
According to the guide the best beach in the Aarhus area with a “good atmosphere and mix of women and men”. Many of those who come to Ballehage is also winter bathers from the club “Ballehage”.

Rødhus, Northern Jutland
There are many naturists who spend the hot summer days at the beach. Nude beach is out of the shooting area between Rødhus Strand and Ejstrup Beach. Two areas of the beach is recommended naturists.

Børsmose, western Jutland
Flat beach with high dunes with fine shelter. There is often an unbiased mixture of on-and peeling. This is a clothing optional beach.


Thurø Reef, Fyn
Also know just as the reef, as it is called in Svendborg and Fyn. The place is perfect for naturism and is on Thurøs southeast tip overlooking the Valdemar Castle on Tåsinge.


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