Tasmania is an island state, part of Australia Commonwealth, It is located 240 kilometres south of the Australian continent. The population of the state is 507,626 on an area of 68,4o1 square kilometer/26,410 square miles.

Nudism in Tasmania is not widespread and there have been some large discussions about the rights to get nude in Tasmania during the last 7+ years. However, there are still possibilities to go nude in Tasmania, on the list below you will find nude beaches in Tasmania.

Naturist beaches

Greens beach
This beautiful spot in Tasmania is located between the eastern boundary of Narawntapu National Park and Kelso Jetty. The naturist location is in the southern end of the beach. You will find the beach north-west of Beauty Point. You only have to walk 270 meters from the car park.

7 Mile beach
Located 15 km east of Hobart which is a 20 min drive. The beach is a popular beach because of the close distance to Hobart.
You need to bring lots of water because there is no water nearby – there tables and lawn area which is great for picnicking.
To get to the naturist area you need to go to the Last day car park east. Then you need to walk approx 1.5 km along the beach until you get to a group of pine trees. You will find most naturists in the dunes.

Bakers beach
This unofficial nude beach is located near Davenport.There is an entrance fee because the beach is located in the Asbestos Range National Park. The beach is really long, and even on a busy day, it is quite easy to find a spot to get nude. To get to Bakers Beach turn off the Frankford Highway then it is a 13 km drive into the park.


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  1. dave

    Love Seven Mile Beach is such an incredible remote area and of course great for a skinny dip….

  2. Jenny

    Boronia Beach, near Blackmans Bay is also a great spot to enjoy some naturist freedom.

  3. Gary Thorley

    We applaud your blog and passion as a naked freedom lover. The ANF would like to assist you. We can list your blog on our website, Facebook page and even refer to you in our TAN advertisement. I have flyers and stickers to send you if you wish. Naturally Gary Secretary ANF

  4. Eric

    can give me more detail where the nudist beach is near greens beach, as this being close to where i live and being a lover of the natural freedom of being nude. i am a little new to the area and when you ask the locals they look at you with a blank face and say “are you crazy, it’s to cold in tassie”, so as you see i am in a spot and the weather is getting better. you help would be gratefully received, i await your reply!

  5. michael

    i would love to form a group in the north as safety in numbers !! green beach maybe

  6. Emma

    Hi! I checked with the local Police and we had a great conversation about the exact location of the designated nudist beach in Greens beach. He also assured me that it would be of no concern to Police or locals if I were to access the beach nude! He then encouraged me further by saying, I quote ‘go be one with nature’. Fantastic. Now how do we go about building a group? Or I was thinking as a first timer I might go solo? I don’t know……hmmmm

    1. Nic

      Anyone here heard of the YNOA on Facebook? I’m in the secret group if anyone wants to arrange a trip in North tas.

    2. Paul Meredith

      Where is the exact location to get nude at Greens Beach, I am in Launceston. Greens is closer to me than Bakers.

    3. Sam

      I was there yesterday was only by myself and a local lady who lived nearby. Was perfect beautiful and the water was amazing. When are we going again ?

    4. Sam

      Hi guys

      I have been up to Greens this week. Beautiful a great place to be natural. Might try and get back there again in this nice weather.


      1. Ian

        Where abouts at greens beach I live nearby and am looking for somewhere as well enjoy being at one

        1. Emma

          Go left to narawtapu NP entrance, carry along for a few minutes, a circular parking area to the right is where to stop, if you reach the head car park,you’ve gone to far

  7. ken

    Hi emma love to join u dont want to go on my own either, ok talk soon cheers

  8. Ian Major

    Heading to Tassie next week, any update, Ian.

  9. michael

    hi michael here would love to join in any time from launceston

  10. Greg

    My partner and I are in Tassie, starting from Launceston on the 9th Jan and we would like to know where we can visit an easily accessible nude beach. Happy to join others.

  11. Sandeepan

    Came looking for the nudist section in Seven mile beach. Searched along both the ends of the beach, on both ends of the airport, but could not find. Locals had no idea about it being legal. There is no direct bus service as well. So, ended up spending some 80 dollars.

  12. Len

    Bakers Beach I went there today with my wife and friends naked on the beach all afternoon. Other nudists on the beach as well.
    We will be going again if the weather holds

  13. Marcus

    I’m a regular nudie around the home but have never traveled past the door due to neighbors and being nervous of getting caught. I would love to experience a day outside in the nude but I would probably feel more comfortable within a small group. It may be getting to the wrong time of the year but would like to know of regular meet ups.

  14. Jason

    I have been trying to convince my wife to go to a nudist beach for a look (first time for both) but she is ashamed of her body, how can I convince her that body shape is not an issue?

  15. Noel

    Looks to me that we have a lot of individuals with a common interest. Should we perhaps think about getting ourselves organised into a group or club or such.
    I know from my own experience it has been hard if not impossible to gain information on nudist groups, beaches, ect. in Tassie and I live here! Lord knows what it like for the tourist.
    Its a thought, I am not going to come out with any of the the usual crap regarding flag poles, ect, ect, ect.
    But there is one. I love it and it has absolutely nothing to do with this topic. Here goes, “Slow is steady, steady is fast”.

    1. Sarah

      Is there a regular social group for Greens Beach ? I notice a lot of comments a few years old I wasn’t sure if there was a Facebook page to follow ?

  16. Stefan

    Hi all,
    I’ve never been a nudist as such but have always wanted to go to a nudist or clothing optional beach. I guess I’ve just never really had the opportunity to being based in regional NSW. Now however I live in Tassie and the Greens Beach option is very appealing to me (yes, even in this cold climate). I just wanted to check, is there indeed a nudist area to this beach or is it just an area like-minded people go to?
    It’s really strange, I’m not sure if I want to be seen or not. I guess I just want to feel the sensation of being naked in a public area.
    Hopefully I’ll be at Greens Beach in a few weeks time.

  17. Norm

    Her body is not for others it’s all about you & freedom ignore the fact others are nearby enjoy your partners personal elegance and the sea breeze and hopefully some nice warm sun be happy textile free

  18. Dan

    Hi I’m close to the beach and spend a lot of time at it, I’m also looking for a beach buddy if your intrested I’m up for it.
    I fact Im going their tomorrow morring