Beach in the VendeeThe Vendée is a part of the Pays de la Loire region in France. Three is a long stretch of beaches, where yoi also will find naturist beaches or naturist friendly beaches. Below you will find a list of naturist/naturist friendly beaches.

La Terrier

The beach is located close to the town of La Tranche-sur-mer. When you arrive at the beach from the parking space, then walk about 500 meter and you will see a white sign. Past the white sign you will find naturists. Read my guide to the beach

Les Conches

This beach is located in the commune of Longville sur Mer. This is not an official naturist beach but naturism is tolerated there. You will find the naturists at a long stretch of the beach running south towards la Terrier.

La Faute sur Mer

There is an official naturist beach at the point d’Arcay, at la Plage de Barrique beach. La Farte sur Mer is the most southerly beaches in the Vendée.

Le Petit Pont

Official naturist beach located at Notre Dames de Dunes in the commune or Bretignollies sur mer. There is access to the beach from rue de la Grande Sauzaies near the village of Grivand and also access from camping Cypress near the Pont de Jaunay.


This official naturist beach – it is a stretch of 4km and there is access to the beach from both ends of the beach. Check out picture from the beach on Tripadvisor


This naturist beach can located about 7km west of Olonne-sur-Mer. The naturist part of the beach has signs marking the official naturist sections of the beach You can also find it on GPS by typing the following coordinates.
Latitude: N:46° 33.798’ , Longitude: W:1° 50.298’

Les Lays

This is another of the Vendees official naturist beaches. The beach is located south of the parking lot of Lays and around 200 meters of it to the limit of Notre Dame de Monts. You can also find the beach on GPS by typing in the following coordinates:
Latitude: 46.8653 (46° 51′ 55.07), Longitude: -2.1473 (-2° 8′ 50.28)

Les Salins

500 meter of Les Salins is officially for naturists. It is signposted near the grande Bec just south of St.Jean de Monts.

The list of beaches was inspired by a list i got from the friendly staff at Le Colombier Naturist Camping.


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